Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Today is New Years Eve day! We have a prime rib dinner to go to tonight with drinks and dancing in the clubhouse and/or karaoke in the bar. This is the life, huh? Just a matter of a few steps to the clubhouse or bar for us.

I've got some pictures to post but haven't downloaded them yet. Will do that soon and hopefully when we have better connectivity.

We went out geocaching yesterday and out of two we looked for, we found one! Yes, our first cache find. I forgot the camera so didn't get any pictures but will remember it next time. It was a cookie tin with lots of trinkets in it. We could take something and leave something, sign the log book and put it back. We left a Schucks receipt from Puyallup, WA but didn't take anything. There was actually lots of little trinkets in there. I saw army men, candycane pen, frig magnets; things like that. Then when you find a cache, you go online to and post your find. We're keeping our own personal log, too. Maybe we'll get out today if I can drag him away from the, you know.

We're having nachos for lunch with a beer! The sun is shining and it's prettier outside than it is....the wind is picking up but it sure is nice in the sun.