Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday December 13, 2009

We had a really fun day on the 11th, which would have been Friday. We left here heading towards Oatman, AZ to visit the little mining town. Here's some pictures along the way. We took old route 66. Which Chuck remembers him and his family took back in 1959 when he was 15 and his Dad actually let him drive. They drove a 1959 Ford. They being, Carl and Hilma and Chuck, Millie, Mark and Grandma Anderson. Follow along.......we saw some beautiful scenery. This first picture is right outside of Oatman, AZ.

These next ones are IN Oatman, AZ. The first one is the greeting committee. These burros roam the street all day long begging for carrots. We didn't know about the carrots yet. This little guy actually grabbed ahold of my purse because they've learned that ladies will put the bag of carrots in their purse. Smart little guys. BUT, he grabbed ahold and wouldn't let go. I was quite the specticle, believe me. But then wouldn't you be if you were yelling, "Chuck, he won't let go of my purse! Let go! Let go! Chuck!" All it took was a tap on his head, by Chuck, and he let go. In this picture, he hadn't attacked my purse yet.

This is the one that grabbed my purse. I must have taken this during the grabbing.

A few of the shops along the main street. They usually have a reinactment of a old western shoot-out but we missed seeing that.

These next two pictures are for Jen and Jack. Grandpa Bloch always told us that a male donkey was called a jack and a female was called a jenny. Here's proof! Sorry kids, just had to show you. These are restroom doors. Aren't they funny people.

This is the Oatman Hotel

Just Main Street (Route 66)

Looking back at Route 66

We headed out of Oatman staying on Route 66 and went to another small mining town called Chloride, AZ. I forgot to take pictures there but that's where we found the Route 66 rug and I bought a mug. This is Frankie who just had to get in the photo.