Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009 Beautiful Day!

The sun has been trying all day to peek through the dark threatening clouds. It makes it once in awhile. The temp is supposed to be in the 60s with the wind returning; it's just now starting to pick up and it's 3:30pm. After our walk, we had a few snacks and will finish up the Zatarans for supper. There was an ice cream social today but we opted for a walk. Better for us as they were serving banana splits! They had church service this morning and at 2pm was pokeno, some kind of cards. There's poker and other card games tonight at 7pm. I think the Amazing Race finale is tonight, though.

On the street where we live.

Our side yard.

Our back yard.

The Anderosa ~ hiding behind the tree

Western sky......tried to get the sun rays

Went for a walk to the river today, Chuck

Laughlin, NV Casinos on the other side of the river.

Park on the river ~ our walk destination

Chuck in the river park

Kathy ~ on our way back home ~ Laughlin, NV casinos in the background ~ over the river