Saturday, December 26, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

We went to Quartzite the other day to check out all the venders but it was a little cold and windy so we'll go back another time.

We found several nice places to try boon docking in a few weeks when we need to do that. We think it would be fun to try and hey, it's free! We did sign up for the Gold Pass from the Nat'l Forest Service Parks so we can get into all parks for free now. And the BLM land where people boon dock is either free or like $5 a week or something. Of course, you don't get water, electric, sewer or TV. We'll need to make sure our propane tank is full, our water tank is full and will use the satelite dish for TV and the generator if we need too.

So we stopped for lunch at Sweet Darlene's cafe and had burgers. Here we are waiting for our food.

These photos were taken today during our warm spell and after our bike ride.

Here's a sunset from a couple nights ago.