Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter at Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort

Maybe it's time to update everyone. We're happily nestled in our site in El Centro, CA in the Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort. We love this park. So many things to do and we're loving our involvement. 

I'm teaching Zumba Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings to a not-so-large group of ladies but they keep telling me the park will fill up fast starting after Christmas and there's lots of Zumba enthusiasts coming.

Chuck is enjoying keeping busy with various kinds of handyman jobs around the park. He's fixed streets lights, fences, tree lights and helped with building a new stage. He's My Man moving all the tables and chairs for class. We're both keeping busy and that's just how we like it.

The weather here has been perfect; in the 70s but colder weather is coming to us as well as you at home up north. Not the cold temps you're having.......not even close, but will be in the 60s during the day and close to freezing at night. How can you NOT love that? Our 70s will return in about a week.

Besides Zumba, I'm helping with the ladie's activities in the Activities Center. We've had an ice cream social and jewelry classes. Not to mention the beautiful library in that building! Wednesday night I could go play cribbage! Soon there'll be a Yankee gift exchange and potluck that Meredith and I are organizing. Meredith and I decorated the railing around the swimming pool with lighted garland on Monday. Soon there'll be a ladies fashion show and luncheon which I"ll be helping with dressing the models! Wonder if there's any men models?

We attended a couple Friday fish fries, a Welcome Back Dinner with yummy pulled pork sandwiches, and Thanksgiving dinner. There's been a dance after dinner twice now.

I went to a card game at a neighboring park called Sunbeam and had fun meeting more ladies. Tomorrow I go back to that park and shop at their Christmas Craft sale and attend an old-time dance class there. Oh, we had a Shop, Walk and Talk sale here where everyone that participated, put out their wares at their RV site. They'll be doing that a couple times a month.

Well, that's it in a nutshell. Oh, we had two Sunday night football parties at our site; outside when it was a little warmer, but fun time with friends and food. We had our TV going and neighbors brought their fire pits.

I think that's it. Will be back and maybe have some pics to post. Does it sound like Seinfelds's parents enjoying their retirement in Florida? More next time.........

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Eagles Nest RV Resort

We are here in Eagles Nest RV Resort in Ilwaco, WA.  It's truly a very nice park.  It has every type of site you might want.  We are up on top so we can get satellite reception for TV.  We found it to be a very friendly park.

We haven't used any of the facilities yet; there's an indoor swimming pool which looks warm and heavenly but not being big on swimming and pools, we'll wait till later, if at all, to try that.  The deck outside a million dollar looking clubhouse, is huge .  A beautiful building and it's such a shame there's nothing going on in there except a puzzle being worked.  I'm pretty disappointed that there's no cards, games or even potlucks or breakfasts; nothing.

We went for a hike today down through the woods and the lower part of the park; into phase 3.  Another shame, it's all ready with sewer, water, electric and cable and it's all completely closed off.  There's a few sites for trailers or campers and lots of room for people wanting to tent-it.

Ocean at Long Beach
We also went to town, Ilwaco and into Long Beach to just check things out and find the park we'll stay at in two weeks.  Two weeks here and two weeks there.  

We drove to to Warrenton, WA today to check out the Fred Meyer there and get some bananas and a watermelon.  We went over the huge famous Astoria bridge.  I'll get pictures of that next time as we plan to go to Seaside, OR.  Astoria is in OR where the movie Goonies was filmed.

I'll do a review on this park, Eagles Nest RV Resort, after we've been here for a little longer.
IIlwaco, WA

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lake Sawyer RV Park Black Diamond, WA

Have you ever stayed at Lake Sawyer RV Park in Black Diamond, WA?  Well, it's setting is beautiful and right on Lake Sawyer.  It's easy to find and wonderfully wooded.

We've stayed at this park several times and spent one whole summer and winter here in 2011-12 because of my needing treatment for breast cancer.  The crew is very friendly and helpful.

There's no many activities going on in the clubhouse.  I love activities like cards, games, crafts and pot lucks.  They do have a pool table and are starting Texas Holdem' along with Bingo in the clubhouse this summer but don't know how long it'll stay on the adgenda.

The spaces are pretty tight with 104 sites with 27 pull through sites.  There are 68 full hookup sites and many are shaded.  Pets are allowed.

We are 40' and they accept our rig but if you check the website:   Lake Sawyer RV Resort , which is the only one I could find with the most information, it says no big rigs.  Like I said, the sites are tight as you can see in the photo.

The do take credit cards for over $20 charge.....not hard to do.  They have 30 and 20 amp only and the power is iffy now and then.  Make sure you don't get put along the back fence if you want the best chance of continuous power.  We haven't had many problems if we don't run too much at once.  Hard to do if you use your AC and it's electric.

There are restrooms, showers and laundry with two washers and two dryers, coin operated.  There is propane for sale on the property.  There is wireless Internet which I believe is Tengonet and there is a fee.  There's cable TV and if you're in the right site, you can use your satellite dish but remember, it is beautifully wooded here.

There is no swimming pool and swimming in the lake at Lake Sawyer RV Resort is not allowed but there is a park on the lake just down the road.  There is a nice little playground and the park is very kid friendly.  There's also a basketball court and horseshoes and paddle boats to rent.

No boat launch but but there is docks with a fee for moorage.  There is a boat launch  in the park down the road.  It is a Sunrise Resort but also open to the public.  The rent cabins also.  

Taken from a website........"Lake Sawyer boasts a year-’round resort in the greater Seattle area. The resort’s spacious ten-acre grounds with tall firs and park-like lawns make it a popular spot for picnics. The club, situated near the western slope of Washington’s Cascade Mountains, has plenty of waterfront on Lake Sawyer, one of the area’s largest natural lakes containing some of the best bass fishing in the state. Enthusiasts will find canoeing and fishing, or just sunbathing and relaxing."

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Decisions Decisions


We have made a few plans.

Today we ordered new glasses for each of us.  Even with insurance, it's quite expensive but much needed.  

I have a mammogram and a bone scan test scheduled for next Tuesday and then we will be ready to leave this park for awhile if we'd like.

We think we like.  On the 13th we will be heading to Long Beach, WA for a about 4 weeks.  We're looking forward to moving, traveling and seeing the ocean again.

There's a kit festival on the the weekend of the 19th.  I love kite festivals!!

Just made reservations for Eagles Nest RV Resort in Ilwaco, WA.........Can't wait to get on the move again and hopefully, I can get to Vancouver, WA to see Jenn!!

Will post pictures of that outing when it happens.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lake Sawyer RV Park is Home Again

I don't know about you but these posts going backwards really screws up my brain.  I'm back and decided to start at the beginning and read my posts from when we first went full-time.  Of course, that wasn't our first time out in a motor home as we had two others before this one that we are spending our full-time RVing life in, but I am not going back that far.  LOL

Our trip last year was different than usual because we left WA in May of 2012 after staying a full year in WA to take care of my breast cancer treatments.  So when we were finally able to do so, we hit the road.

From here, Lake Sawyer RV park in Maple Valley, WA, we headed east through WA, Idaho and into Montana where we spent some time with a friend in Red Lodge.  Went on through South Dakoka stopping at Wall Drug for donuts and Al's Oasis for a buffalo burger.  We ended up in Shakopee, MN for over a month and visited with all the family.  Even had Jack, our son, fly out and spend some time with us.

When we left MN, we had fun at the Amana Colonies in Iowa and headed on to Branson, MO, New Orleans and on to Rockport, TX.  We stayed the winter from November 1 through April 1, at Palm Harbor RV park where I taught a Zumba class and had a beautiful wonderful class of ladies that I really miss.

We left the park and headed to LA again and changed out our refrigerator......we now have a residential frig that I am in love with!  Then on to Indiana where we had the whole outside of the RV striped like you would the siding on your house, resided and then painted.  I can post a picture of two of that.  Poor thing used to be all white!  We are loving it!

So from Indiana, we went back through MN and stay for 10 weeks with my sister while the RV was being worked on.  From there, we went to Indiana to get the RV and to Windom/Westbrook, MN, his hometown, for another week or so.

We were on the road again for home and stopped again at Al's Oasis and Wall Drug!  Love those places.
We've been home, Lake Sawyer RV Park in Maple Valley, for about a month now.  I've taken care of my oncologist doctor appointment and next week will take care of the mammogram and bone density tests. 

August 5th is our 46 wedding anniversary! and the 13th of August, we'll be heading west to the ocean for a few weeks to a month.  Hopefully, I can get to see Jen and the boys from that direction and hopefully, maybe, it'll even be a little closer!

Not too exciting when we're not on the move.  I'll update when I have some photos to post.

Happy travels everyone!

kathy and chuck

Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm going to try to update this blog so everyone can find out what happened since my last post.
 August 31, 2011
2011 travel is beginning for us. Priorities are to sell the house, clean out the storage unit and get on the road! Stay tuned for updates.

August 31, 2011
Stain and deck paint bought today. Will get in the house for sure tomorrow the 1st! yea!!

August 31, 2011
sold the murphy bed today.

September 1, 2011
Deck cleaned, started painting, carpet ordered and will be installed Tuesday. Happy holiday everyone!

September 1, 2011
Maybe I'll get some pix posted tomorrow. Really tired.

September 2, 2011
Getting a fresh start on finishing up that deck today. Gotta get going before the sun hits the deck and it's hot! Got a lot done even though I broke three finger nails and my back is aching me! Pix later. I had some but downloaded them from my phone and missed a step so now that I deleted them, I'll have to retake them. I'm up to 6 "likes" Yea!!