Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter at Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort

Maybe it's time to update everyone. We're happily nestled in our site in El Centro, CA in the Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort. We love this park. So many things to do and we're loving our involvement. 

I'm teaching Zumba Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings to a not-so-large group of ladies but they keep telling me the park will fill up fast starting after Christmas and there's lots of Zumba enthusiasts coming.

Chuck is enjoying keeping busy with various kinds of handyman jobs around the park. He's fixed streets lights, fences, tree lights and helped with building a new stage. He's My Man moving all the tables and chairs for class. We're both keeping busy and that's just how we like it.

The weather here has been perfect; in the 70s but colder weather is coming to us as well as you at home up north. Not the cold temps you're having.......not even close, but will be in the 60s during the day and close to freezing at night. How can you NOT love that? Our 70s will return in about a week.

Besides Zumba, I'm helping with the ladie's activities in the Activities Center. We've had an ice cream social and jewelry classes. Not to mention the beautiful library in that building! Wednesday night I could go play cribbage! Soon there'll be a Yankee gift exchange and potluck that Meredith and I are organizing. Meredith and I decorated the railing around the swimming pool with lighted garland on Monday. Soon there'll be a ladies fashion show and luncheon which I"ll be helping with dressing the models! Wonder if there's any men models?

We attended a couple Friday fish fries, a Welcome Back Dinner with yummy pulled pork sandwiches, and Thanksgiving dinner. There's been a dance after dinner twice now.

I went to a card game at a neighboring park called Sunbeam and had fun meeting more ladies. Tomorrow I go back to that park and shop at their Christmas Craft sale and attend an old-time dance class there. Oh, we had a Shop, Walk and Talk sale here where everyone that participated, put out their wares at their RV site. They'll be doing that a couple times a month.

Well, that's it in a nutshell. Oh, we had two Sunday night football parties at our site; outside when it was a little warmer, but fun time with friends and food. We had our TV going and neighbors brought their fire pits.

I think that's it. Will be back and maybe have some pics to post. Does it sound like Seinfelds's parents enjoying their retirement in Florida? More next time.........