Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

We were in Thermopolis, WY late April, 2011

While in Thermopolis, WY we visited the dinosaur museum:

We drove around town and took some pictures.
This mountain points to the mineral hot spring
Every time we went out for a ride, I'd forget my camera so this is really all I got and should have taken photos of the Worlds Biggest Mineral Hot Springs!  It's pretty amazing.

We left Thermopolis, Wy on schedule; can't remember the date.  Here's some photos of the mountains along the way on our way to Red Lodge, MT.

While we were in Red Lodge, it snowed all three days.

We went to a handball tournament and dinner in Billings, MT
Russ Whitten and Russ' friend Kim

The last day we were there some wild turkeys came walking down the street in front of Russ' house.

We arrived home on time and are now in Lake Sawyer RV Park in Black Diamond/Maple Valley, WA till May 31st.  Then we'll be going out to our house in Graham till we can get it rented again.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011 Tuesday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to  our favorite son!!  Jack's birthday is tomorrow.  Email him a quick happy birthday!

Today we pulled into Eagles RV park in Thermopolis, WY.  It's cold here!  Chuck's Uncle Al lived here and we used to have so much fun when we'd visit him.  We remember the rodeos every summer where the bars stayed open 24 hours a day, we remember asparagus picking and brought back grocery bags full, we remember the hot tubs, the hot swimming pool and so many more memories of Uncle Al.

April 19th we pulled into Dakota Ridge RV Park in Golden, CO.  We spent a couple night in Golden as it's just so nice sometimes to not have to be on the road right away the next day.  We went for burgers that night for supper, I got a quilt washed and he had someone come and wash the RV.

Then on the 22nd, we left Dakota Ridge RV Park around noon (so far to date we have driven 3607 miles)
It was so sunny and pretty.  It had rained a little bit in the morning but nice by the time we had to leave.

We arrived on the 22nd in Wellington, CO at our friends beautiful home out on the prairie.  They live on 40 acres of prairie with a beautiful view in all directions.  What a wonderful 3 day weekend we had with the Buschmanns eating, Barry's a wonderful cook, sightseeing, spending a wonderful day with their family coloring Easter eggs and having an Easter egg hunt.  We have never felt so welcome!!

Chuck spent some time with Barry at a glider hanger watching the glider planes take off and land and while the Buschmann's family rode their dirt bikes on their homemade track, Chuck and Barry watched them have that fun.

Lorrie Buschmann

Barry Buschmann

Barry Buschmann

Lorrie Buschmann
I can't believe I didn't get more pictures of their house and their gorgeous property and views!  Lorrie, when you read this, send me some pix of your views and house!!

We had a marvelous marvelous time with our dear friends.  We've known them since we, the 4 of us, were young and just dating.  What memories we have and what fun we had catching up on what we've done over the last 40 years!  

I'm going to take a picture of this wonderful gift they gave us but will have to do it later.  You won't believe it!  It was very hard saying good bye to my little sister.  Thank you Lorrie and Barry for a wonderful time!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I found this in my list of posts and saw that it had never been here it is.  It's an oldie but a goodie.....maybe some of it has already been posted but since there's some photos here, I'll post it old or new....................................

Well, this time, it's only been 12 days since I last posted.  Am I getting better about this?  I have pretty good connectivity today so I really want to catch everyone up on what we've been doing.

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner........check out these recipes:'s%20Day%20recipes#/?term=St.%2BPatricks%2BDay%2Brecipes&pi=1&mr=20

Not everyone likes green beer.  I think there's one or two there using Bailey's Irish Cream and there's a soda bread recipe!  Think you have to scroll way down for that one.

Ok, so the last time I wrote it was March 1st.  We were at the Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort and had been for about two weeks.  My class went super well.  Zumba was well received.  The first class brought a lot of women that just wanted to see what it was all about.  Seemed like there were about 14 dancing and a few watching.  One class day I had 18 there!  But 6-8 was about normal.  The ladies seemed to be determined to learn the steps and it gave me the feeling they thought it was a dance class so I didn't ruin things for them and I didn't tell them that they were actually working out.  One lady thought we danced to only about 5 songs!  That is a great compliment being we we dance to 15 and stretch to the 16th!  Sure made me feel good to think the time flew by for them.

We were workampers.  Working and camping.  Which we decided we didn't like doing so we lasted about a month and then just had to quit.  I really really miss my class and the ladies I made friends with.  The class meant a lot to me but Chuck working so hard made none of it worth it.  And then they started working me in the kitchen which I really hated.  It was something we wanted to try and do for a long time so now we tried it and found out workamping isn't for us.
The water tanks Chuck had to paint as part of his workamping duties.

golf course at Rio Bend
Rio Bend golf course

We loved El Centro.  We found all 4 Burgers and Beer restaurants that are in the US.  One in AZ, one in El Centro, CA and one in Palm Springs, CA.  We tried them all.  Wonderful restaurants with great food.  We did a little sightseeing while here.  I'll post some photos.

When we left Rio Bend and the El Centro area we headed for Banning, CA.  That was the 10th.  We had no idea this beautiful park was up in the mountains.  Well, that's not entirely true.  We knew it was at 3500 foot elevation but guess we didn't think how we would be getting up that high.  It was something else.  Gorgeous scenery and switchbacks but very very scary when you sit up so high in a motorhome.

We will be leaving this park, Silent Valley, tomorrow morning.  I hate to tell you that I am so scared to drive down that mountain highway with those horrible switchbacks, so he's going to drive me down in the car and I'll wait for him to go back up and bring the motorhome down.  Pray he makes it ok.  He says I'm being silly.
Mountain highway up to Silent Valley RV Park
Another view of the Mountain Highway

We went up the mountain yesterday to the 6000 foot elevation to a little quaint town called Idllwild, CA.  We loved spending the day going in and out all the little shops and seeing the artwork and crafts of the area.  He bought a tshirt and we had a latte.  Great warm day up there.

The day before we spent in town, Banning.  We went to WalMart to restock the supplies and food.

This park has over 800 RV sites!  It is so huge, they have a tram to take you to different parts of the park.  Like the adult clubhouse, the lounge, the restaurant and either of the two swimming pools, or the store or maybe the shuffle board courts.  It's not very busy this time of year.  The restaurant seems to have some pretty good food but we haven't eaten there.  We went for a nice long walk last night.

Silent Valley RV Park Restaurant, Lounge and store
Us at Silent Valley

Beautiful view while driving up the mountain

April 19, 2011 Tuesday

I just added some links on the left for those interested in road conditions.  I had always wanted to do this but kept forgetting so there are many many roads not commented on that I could have been doing.  From time to time, I will update them.
Road to Green River, UT hwy 70

Road to Green River Hwy 70

Today we left Green River, CO.  We stayed at Shady Acres RV Park and had planned going to dinner at a local restaurant but being we were on foot, we changed our minds when the wind started to blow and the skies turned dark with threatening clouds.  We were on foot because he didn't want to disconnect the car from the RV.  Not a hard task but not fun either when it was absolutely necessary that we go out to eat.  It did get stormy out there so we were glad we didn't go.  We would have been caught in the middle of it on the way home.

We had left St. George, or rather Harrisburg, UT yesterday morning a little early but we had over 200 miles to drive.  We hadn't stopped for fuel since Bullhead City, AZ so didn't fill up till this morning to the tune of $299!  The park wasn't expensive at about $35 for full hookup, cable TV and free wifi.  But all winter long, we've been staying free or only $1 a night so this, even though sounds cheap, was hard to swollow.

The trip so far today has been uneventful traveling in and out of some beautiful scenery and even quite a long tunnel.  It's starting to snow now at Arrowhead ski area.  We're climbing all the time hoping to get over Vail pass today before the temps drop.  The roads are very wet with flurries.  Really pretty.  Exit 168 on interstate 70.

We stopped for lunch, cheese, crackers, pickled herring, hummus, at a rest stop a little while back.
Vail Pass, CO

Snow collecting on windshield

Vail Pass, CO
Ok, going over Vail pass right now and it's snowing quite heavily with very wet roadways.  Visability is pretty good but not perfect.  Snow is building up on the windshield.  I know many of you are sick of winter and would rather not see more snow but look at it this way, it's here and not there!  It feels like Christmas.  Do they ever have summer in Vail?  Of course, it's only April.


We have made it over the pass.  The snow started sticking and was turning that dirty color but we trudged along till we made it over the top.  It's pretty slow going but we're taking it easy.  The RV seems to not mind the temps.

Highway 70 East through UT and CO

We found Highway 70 from about 13 miles before Glenwood Springs, CO, the road was not the best.  The scenery was gorgeous  following the Colorado River and there was even a long tunnel but it was slow going and narrow for an interstate. For those 13 miles from mile post 120 to 133 there was no lane changing if you are over 13,000 pounds.  Speeds were bout 45-50.

Highway 243 out of Banning, CA

Highway 243 up to Silent Valley RV Park is quite a ride.  Narrow with switchbacks but beautiful sights!  A little scary for most.  Many many RVers, big and small, have frequented this park.  We saw other large motor homes as well as UPS trucks and semis traverse this road.  A little bit too narrow for me.

California Hwy 40 going south

From Barstow, CA to Needles, CA on highway 40 going South, the road was bad in the right lane.  Most everyone, but RVers, drove in the left lane.  We had to drive with out tires on the shoulder.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 16, 2011

I might repeat some of the information I already posted so bear with me.  Does it really matter anyway?

March 28th at 9am we left Rio Bend RV and Golf  Park and headed for Bullhead City, AZ.  We were at Ridgeview in BHC in January and returning now.  It's where I showed the ladies Zumba but didn't really teach a class.  Anyway we've driven 2494 miles since we left home at this point.

The two weeks we spent in BHC were nice.  It wasn't quite so windy this time and I was so busy with my jewelry and the internet, Zumba, etc. I only played cards a couple times.  The ladies at this park are really really nice.  It's really considered the end of the season so lots of the ladies I knew were already gone; heading home.

We did go to one casino but didn't win anything.  We ate out quite abit and loved Buffalo Wings.  We went there a couple times.  There's still lots of construction going on through Casino Drive, just FYI.  We only made it to the VFW once and had planned to go back to eat on a Saturday night but never made it back.  We've become such home bodies, really.  I attended one Zumba class which wasn't one I liked so I didn't go back.  I just practiced and made up a couple routines on my own at home.

A couple we met in Texas last year happened to pull in beside us.  What a small world, huh?  This is happening more and more.  We went to dinner with them once.

April 11th we left BHC heading for Harrisburg, UT.  We thought it was St. George, then was told the park was in Hurricane, UT but it's actually, Harrisburg.  We stopped for fuel; $267.  We left BHC about 7:30am and arrived at this park at about 2:30 (3:30 mountain time so we lost an hour)  What a nice little park.  We had heard it was a bit run down but it has new owners and it's excellent!  The clubhouse looks brand new and the park is well maintained.  The pool is huge but we're not really pool people so we haven't tried it.  There was cinnamon rolls and coffee in the clubhouse along with a craft sale this morning.  Last night was live music, free to us, and tonight is a meatloaf dinner with all the fixings for $6.00 each with live entertainment at no extra charge. 
Harrisburg, UT RV Park

Harrisburg RV park. Us facing you.
First we went to Silver Reef across the road which is an old mining town and the first place where silver was found in sandstone.  There's only one place in the United States where silver is found in sandstone and this is the place.  The old Wells Fargo Bank is still standing.  If you're interested, here's a couple link to learn more about this old mining town.  We loved it and found it quite interesting.  It's just across the road from where we're staying.

Then we took a day trip to Kolob Canyon.  What a wonderful drive.  Lots of scenic beauty and lots and lots of hiking trails.  Here's some links to this part of the Zion Nat'l Park:  OR
Kolob Canyon, UT

The next day out we went to Zion National Park.  The drive is so beautiful and from April through October, I think it is, there are no cars allowed beyond the Information Center.  You hop a shuttle that runs continuously all day every 10 minutes.  There's several of them going up.  There's approximately 8 stops along the way and you can hop on and hop off anytime you want to see the different formations at those points.
Zion National Park
Zion National Park
Zion National Park
Zion National Park
Links for this park:  AND
If you ever travel out this way, these parks are a must.  A little spendy at $25  a day but we had a senior pass which got us into all the National Parks for free.  It's so nice that the Gov't didn't close down or we would have missed these beautiful parks.

The next time out we went to Bryce Canyon.  We had to travel back through Zion National Park to get there and traveled through a mile long tunnel.  Link:
The park is so completely different from Zion Nat'l Park.  There is a shuttle in this park, too, but it isn't running as early in the year as Zion Nat'l Park.
1 mile tunnel

1 mile tunnel

We stopped for a late lunch at Ruby's Inn.  Quit a bit of history there, too.  Here's some photos of the canyon.

Bryce Canyon, UT

Bryce Canyon, UT

Top of the World

Bryce Canyon, UT
Bryce Canyon, UT 
Bryce Canyon, UT
Red Rock Canyon, UT on the way out of Bryce Canyon 
Red Rock Canyon, UT 
Red Rock Canyon, UT

Hope you enjoyed the photos.........more next time.  Tomorrow, the 17th and it's a work day as we leave bright and early Monday morning for heading north into Colorado.  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I found a post, see the date above, that I thought I posted but it didn't get posted because I needed to add photos and THAT didn't get done.  So here is the post from March 27th.

Happy Belated Birthday to Randy!!  His birthday was the 26, I think it was.  Coming up is Tyler's 18th birthday on April 13th, and Jack's 37th birthday on the 27th!  (Since then Happy Birthday to Tyler, yesterday)

To catch up to-to-date, we left Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort on the 10th of March.  Boy, we felt bad bailing on them but we just couldn't do it any longer.  It was a definite learning experience for us.  We learned we are NOT workampers.  Such easy work but you have that "employee" feeling and that's what we retired away from.  What were we thinking?  At least I got a month of teaching Zumba experience under my belt.  That was the best part.

The park had a Mardi Gras parade and potluck but we really didn't attend.  The music was supplied by a DJ and CDs but wouldn't play anything anyone wanted and couldn't veer off from his line up for some reason.  We left when the polkas started.  I have to say the people were very friendly there at that park and for the most part we had a good time.  I think my last post had some pictures of the park.

I got to attend a Zumbathon at the Riverview Mall in El Centro.

The day we left was a hot day in the desert - 88 degrees but when we left it was a comfortable 73 degrees.

We headed for Silent Vally, CA up there in elevation about at the 3500 foot level.  The road up was really really scary!  Switchbacks on my side of the road for the most part and when they were on his, you know he sits on the opposite side so when he was on the outter lane he was still inside so wasn't looking over the canyon below.  There were guard rails, sure, but we sit up so high they wouldn't do you much good.  I was a nervous wreck and really hated it.

Silent Valley RV Park

Silent Valley RV Park

Trip up the mountain to Idyllwild, CA

Road up to Silent Valley
It really is a beautiful park but I didn't sleep to well knowing we had to make that scary trip down the mountain.  One day, in the car, we made a trip up farther to Idyllwild, CA and it was a really nice day.  Lots of little shops there and quite quaint.

The last day, so I didn't have to ride down that mountain with him, he drove me down the mountain to a Zumba class.  Then he went back up, hooked up the car and drove down.  I met him at the bottom after class.  Worked out really well and being in class took my mind off worrying about him driving that horrible road.