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Sunday, March 13, 2011

I found this in my list of posts and saw that it had never been posted.............so here it is.  It's an oldie but a goodie.....maybe some of it has already been posted but since there's some photos here, I'll post it old or new....................................

Well, this time, it's only been 12 days since I last posted.  Am I getting better about this?  I have pretty good connectivity today so I really want to catch everyone up on what we've been doing.

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner........check out these recipes:


Not everyone likes green beer.  I think there's one or two there using Bailey's Irish Cream and there's a soda bread recipe!  Think you have to scroll way down for that one.

Ok, so the last time I wrote it was March 1st.  We were at the Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort and had been for about two weeks.  My class went super well.  Zumba was well received.  The first class brought a lot of women that just wanted to see what it was all about.  Seemed like there were about 14 dancing and a few watching.  One class day I had 18 there!  But 6-8 was about normal.  The ladies seemed to be determined to learn the steps and it gave me the feeling they thought it was a dance class so I didn't ruin things for them and I didn't tell them that they were actually working out.  One lady thought we danced to only about 5 songs!  That is a great compliment being we we dance to 15 and stretch to the 16th!  Sure made me feel good to think the time flew by for them.

We were workampers.  Working and camping.  Which we decided we didn't like doing so we lasted about a month and then just had to quit.  I really really miss my class and the ladies I made friends with.  The class meant a lot to me but Chuck working so hard made none of it worth it.  And then they started working me in the kitchen which I really hated.  It was something we wanted to try and do for a long time so now we tried it and found out workamping isn't for us.
The water tanks Chuck had to paint as part of his workamping duties.

golf course at Rio Bend
Rio Bend golf course

We loved El Centro.  We found all 4 Burgers and Beer restaurants that are in the US.  One in AZ, one in El Centro, CA and one in Palm Springs, CA.  We tried them all.  Wonderful restaurants with great food.  We did a little sightseeing while here.  I'll post some photos.

When we left Rio Bend and the El Centro area we headed for Banning, CA.  That was the 10th.  We had no idea this beautiful park was up in the mountains.  Well, that's not entirely true.  We knew it was at 3500 foot elevation but guess we didn't think how we would be getting up that high.  It was something else.  Gorgeous scenery and switchbacks but very very scary when you sit up so high in a motorhome.

We will be leaving this park, Silent Valley, tomorrow morning.  I hate to tell you that I am so scared to drive down that mountain highway with those horrible switchbacks, so he's going to drive me down in the car and I'll wait for him to go back up and bring the motorhome down.  Pray he makes it ok.  He says I'm being silly.
Mountain highway up to Silent Valley RV Park
Another view of the Mountain Highway

We went up the mountain yesterday to the 6000 foot elevation to a little quaint town called Idllwild, CA.  We loved spending the day going in and out all the little shops and seeing the artwork and crafts of the area.  He bought a tshirt and we had a latte.  Great warm day up there.

The day before we spent in town, Banning.  We went to WalMart to restock the supplies and food.

This park has over 800 RV sites!  It is so huge, they have a tram to take you to different parts of the park.  Like the adult clubhouse, the lounge, the restaurant and either of the two swimming pools, or the store or maybe the shuffle board courts.  It's not very busy this time of year.  The restaurant seems to have some pretty good food but we haven't eaten there.  We went for a nice long walk last night.

Silent Valley RV Park Restaurant, Lounge and store
Us at Silent Valley

Beautiful view while driving up the mountain