Sunday, March 29, 2009


Here's a peek at our preparation travel timeline:

Apri 1, 2009
Prepare to pay off the motorhome loan
Continue to prepare the house for renting
Check with insurance company for info on becoming fulltimers and changing insurance for the motorhome
Hire a rental management company to rent out the house
Check Good Sam Club for maps and travel help
April 15, 2009
Meet with management company and go over what is expected of both of us
Continue to pack up household belongings
Find a storage unit that will also let us store our extra vehicle
May 1, 2009
Start packng the RV in preparation for our departure

More will be added as we get closer to our target date.

First Day of Our Fulltime RV Travel Blog

We had traveled last year and I have a blog for friends and family to follow but NOW this is for real! We are going full time traveling in our RV! Target date is June 1, 2009 but there's so much to do, we'll see about that. Fulltime RV travel is something we have always wanted to do and took a trial trip,, and found out we love it so we came home to prepare for our new lifestyle.

Come back for more. I will be posting everyday with news of how our preparations are coming along,what clubs we've joined, Good Sam is one of them, and how I plan on cooking, cleaning and storing all my favorite hobbies. I have written several reviews of the different RV resorts we stayed at and they can be seen here:

See Ya!............soon!!!!