Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009 Wednesday

Here we are already into September.....well into September.

We have more than one full month under our belts as fulltimers and that month was very trying and made us wonder if we did the right thing.

We rolled into Lake Sawyer RV resort in Black Diamond just in time to get the last site that a 40' motorhome would fit comfortably. Our first week was wonderful learning the resort, meeting people, going to an all you can eat pancake breakfast and Taco Tuesday. We spent many hours out in the little boat cruising slowly around the lake. It was wonderful.

Then the second week our little motor was stolen right off the boat. Sad here. Very sad and that ended our little slow going around the lake. The boat was put away.

The third week our son was assaulted while waiting at a bus stop in downtown Renton. We haven't seen the police report but heard there was a fight near him and he became an innocent bystander. This injury put him in Harborview for a week with a brain trauma. Very scary for us all. He was released and recuperated with us for the next few weeks.

He has improved greatly but still suffers from severe headaches. He's back to visiting friends and his little boy. No more bus rides for awhile, I hope.

We had planned on moving to an RV park in Sumner but had to wait a few weeks for a site to open up. We finally arrived here last Saturday, September 12th, I believe.

This place is very roomy with a double carport, storage shed, a little bit of grass and wide streets. We live only about 1 miles from the nearest shopping so I've made that trip a few times getting in some walking exercise. There's also a WalMart nearby and lots of other shopping, library and restaurants. I do miss my friends at Lake Sawyer and miss the clubhouse and dinners with others. Today I found a Latter Day Saints church with a family history office. I spent about an hour there today.

Chuck has taken a job so I'm here by myself most of the time. I am staying busy with my knitting, reading, computer games and email, genealogy, walking and cleaning. Like usual.

That's it till September ends............