Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brownsville, TX to San Padre Island

We went to San Padre Island, a long skinny island along the Texas coast.  The first photo is the causeway going over to the island.

You can see it wasn't a beautiful day but we went anyway.

Chuck was so excited to see the Gulf of Mexico!  He had to get out and see it close up.

Pictures are a little out of order.  This is driving on the Causeway.  A little rainy.

Driving around we found these pelicans resting on the dock.
There is this statue of Jesus at the water's edge with the names of people that have died at sea on each of those placks.

We saw these huge pipes along the beach and this tractor.  Chuck found out that at least once a year these huge pipes are put into place so sand can be sent down to the beach from a beach that higher up and doesn't get washed away.  At least ONCE A YEAR!  What a project.

I have this thing about birds and these seaguls were flying really really close so I tried to get their picture.  You really can't even though they seemed to have been floating up there.  He was a lot closer than it looks.

This is a beach restaurant that was closed for obvious reasons.  It was cold and it's winter!

We drove through town and these places were interesting to me.
Look at this store!  The shark mouth is the door!

Today we went to Blanco Chico beach. 

The road ended right on the beach as you can see straight ahead.

We didn't get out of the car today.  It was very windy and cold.
On the way home, we found the local VFW.  Boring place but we had a beer and some popcorn.  We went to the Sunrise Mall to walk and have lunch in the food court but found the theater.  We decided to have more popcorn for lunch and saw "Shutter Island".  Very good movie.  I really liked it and the acting was outstanding.  It leaves you drawing your own conclusion.  Hope that's not saying too much.  You gotta see it.

When we got home, we walked for about 1/2 hour since we didn't get much walking done at the mall.

Don't know what we'll do tomorrow but I kind of home we stay home for a day.  There's a Saturday market and a Charro festival this weekend.  I'd like to make some spaghetti sauce and I've been wanting to make some english muffins, work on my blogs and knitting.

Eidenburg, TX to Progreso, MX

Here's the Lazy Palms RV Park in Eidenburg, TX.  We're right down that street.  You can see it's a large park with wide open spaces.

Getting closer to our motorhome.  This park was really nice but the closest store was over 20 miles away and when it rained, there was mud everywhere.

Here's another view of the park.

This is our motorhome.  Not a good picture.  I guess I should have gotten out of the car.

We decided to make a trip into Progreso, Mx on a nice sunny day.  It was so fun.

The middle of the river is the US and Mexico boundry so right in the middle of the International Bridge they posted this sign.  We had to get in the picture. 

This is the bridge.  The Mexican people were on the right outside the bridge railing sitting in the dirt with their hat stuck through the rungs of the railing begging for money.  I don't think I got a picture of that but it was so sad.

I had to get a picture of the military presense in Mexico.  We haven't even hardly gotten off the bridge. 

We walked up one side of the street and down the other until we found a nice place to have lunch.  We chose the La Fagata.  Here we are waiting for our food.  We each had the lunch special and 5 margaritas between us and the bill came to $21!

They still had their Valentines decorations us and I thought it was pretty and colorful I had to take a picture.  Or two.

The man in the lower right corner was a really nice guy.  Didn't realize he got in the picture.  His wife is Italian and her family comes from the same area ours does so we had a little bit to talk about.

You know how some restaurants put up funny bumper stickers?

This is the place we had lunch.  The streets were still quit muddy and there were huge puddles everywhere.

One of the plazas we just had to walk down to see what was out the other end.  It wasn't in town, it was kind of like seeing how they really live.  Not pretty.
We had a great time and were so glad we went.  While walking down the street, of course, you're approached by many many vendors but this one little boy came up to me and my heart melted.  He was about Ethan's age, 3-4 and was selling bracelets for $1.00.  Of course, I bought one from him.  I did that in Algodones, too, only it was this cute tiny little lady that reminded me of my Grandmother so I had to buy something from her.  

We left in the afternoon and decided we had another great day in Mexico.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Rio Grande River between US and Mexico. Photo taken between Benson, AZ and El Paso, TX.

Mexico across the river.

Del Rio, Texas

Practically right across the street from the Three River's Park was Lake Amistad. A huge lake and quite a draw for fishermen.

One day we went for a 4 mile hike to the lake. Chuck thought it was funny to have me crouch down in this cactus patch. Like "Where's Waldo"! LOL

Another beautiful sunset from our motorhome at Three River's Park in Del Rio, TX.

From Three Rivers RV park in Del Rio, we spent last night, February 14th, in Zapata, TX. I didn't put it on the map. Guess I forgot. We were at a park on the lake Falcon and next weekend there's to be quite a famous fishing tournament held there.

It was a real friendly park so too bad we weren't going to spend more time there. When we pulled in the weather was 79 degrees! YES! B e a u t i f u l ! I put on some shorts and my sandals right away. I don't know when I'll get the chance again and it was a good thing because when the sun went down, it got really cold again and really windy again. We had to pull in the slides as we really were a rockin'. Forecast is for rain till about Friday and temps in the 60s.

It can't rain, there's not a cloud in the sky and the winds seem to have stopped. People walking by have jackets and hats on, though, so it's still not all that warm out there.

This is Lake Falcon from the road as we left Zapata, TX. Another very large lake. Maybe that's why there's a fishing tournament here.

We arrived today at Lazy Palms RV Park and Ranch outside of Edinburg, TX. On the map, it's between Del Rio and Brownsville, TX.

This is a very large park with lots of grass and lots of room. I'll get some pictures taken and hopefully if the weather gets nice and warm again, I'll get some of us outside around our site.

We really really hope to find lots to do here in Edinburg, TX. There's already more to do in the clubhouse and this park is so big, there's lots of walking and it's terribly flat with no hills. We know there's a theater close by, WalMart, lots of history, shopping, museums, shopping, restaurants, geocaching, shopping and did I mention shopping?

If I can get online and stay online, I will be posting more often. Yeah, right, I've heard that before!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I found this web site with much better photos than I posted for Lake Havasu City, Quartzite, Slab City, etc. Check it out: HERE

I have really gotten lazy about posting. We did have some trouble getting online or should I say staying online and I ran out of wifi time at the last park.

We are now in Del Rio, TX at Three Rivers RV Park. The lady, owner here, sounds just like Reba! I love her. She's awfully nice and such a cute little lady. I've got some pictures from the last few days but will have to download them tomorrow.

We drove around the first day here and found out there's nothing here! LOL We do have a WalMart and a small mall where there's an Applebees, Ross, a few little stores and a JC Penney. The theater is in this mall and we plan to go see the new one with Mel Gibson. It's that or a chic flick and Chuck won't go there.

We got to meet another couple I knew from an online RV group. They work at this park and I got to see my old friend Jerry, who I met in that online group, they're from the same area in WA that we come from, and we spent some time together while at Lake Sawyer RV Park in WA last summer. Really neat people. We plan to get together tomorrow for coffee, Chuck won't go but that's ok. We'll take in the movie in the afternoon.

I've been designing and working on different crochet and knit patterns. I worked up 12 new filet crochet patterns and submitted them to Crochet Designs web site. I already have several there they sell for me.

We've done a lot of walking and try to walk for an hour everyday. We'll be here till Sunday and then move on to Zapata, TX for one night and then Eidenburg, TX for a week before heading to Brownsville.

OK, Minnesota, enough with the snow. We would like to head north mid March. Can ya stop snowing ?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We have been in Benson, AZ for 4 nights now. Today is Tuesday and we will be here till Friday. While here, we've done some geocaching. This one was in a very very old cemetery in Benson. We really enjoyed it, actually, and took lots of pictures and I'd love to go back and do some rubbings of the stones.

We use a handheld GPS and it took us to this area.

Chuck knew right away that that fence cap should not have a screw in it. So, wa la, there it was.

Chuck's been better at finding these things than I have but then I'm the one holding the GPS reading it and trying to figure out if we're even in the right area while he's looking and "finding".

This is the oldest cemetery in Benson and we couldn't believe it when we found many people died over 100 years ago!

This is me at the gate.

Look at this! DIED in 1896!!

I don't know if you can read this one.

I loved the wrought iron fences around many of the graves.

Chuck had a good time, too.

Another..........I hope you can read what it says. I can't!

We really enjoyed our day at the cemetery and from here we went to the VFW for a beer. The people were so friendly! We had a great time, had lunch and really good bloody mary's, too. Fun fun sunny day.
What a glorious day in Benson, AZ. This was after we spent the afternoon at the VFW. We were drinking creamed chocotinies! So yummy!

Night fall looking out our window.

Ok, another day geocaching. This one was at a Veteran's Memorial. Guess who found it. Sometimes you find them stuck to metal so anytime there's a fence like this, you know it's probably a cache that's been magnetized and stuck to it.

We spent another day geocaching and out of 5, only found 1! You don't always have great luck. We went back to one of thos 5 and found it this morning. So 2 out of 5. One is at a pizza place and Chuck won't try again because it's not a public place. Another is in an alley and he's not comfortable there either. I'll have to go back and do those myself. The one real tricky one was at another cemetery where we had to figure out a puzzle to get the coordinates to find the cache. We have figured out the coordinates and now have to go back for the cache. Tomorrow's another day.