Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brownsville, TX to San Padre Island

We went to San Padre Island, a long skinny island along the Texas coast.  The first photo is the causeway going over to the island.

You can see it wasn't a beautiful day but we went anyway.

Chuck was so excited to see the Gulf of Mexico!  He had to get out and see it close up.

Pictures are a little out of order.  This is driving on the Causeway.  A little rainy.

Driving around we found these pelicans resting on the dock.
There is this statue of Jesus at the water's edge with the names of people that have died at sea on each of those placks.

We saw these huge pipes along the beach and this tractor.  Chuck found out that at least once a year these huge pipes are put into place so sand can be sent down to the beach from a beach that higher up and doesn't get washed away.  At least ONCE A YEAR!  What a project.

I have this thing about birds and these seaguls were flying really really close so I tried to get their picture.  You really can't even though they seemed to have been floating up there.  He was a lot closer than it looks.

This is a beach restaurant that was closed for obvious reasons.  It was cold and it's winter!

We drove through town and these places were interesting to me.
Look at this store!  The shark mouth is the door!

Today we went to Blanco Chico beach. 

The road ended right on the beach as you can see straight ahead.

We didn't get out of the car today.  It was very windy and cold.
On the way home, we found the local VFW.  Boring place but we had a beer and some popcorn.  We went to the Sunrise Mall to walk and have lunch in the food court but found the theater.  We decided to have more popcorn for lunch and saw "Shutter Island".  Very good movie.  I really liked it and the acting was outstanding.  It leaves you drawing your own conclusion.  Hope that's not saying too much.  You gotta see it.

When we got home, we walked for about 1/2 hour since we didn't get much walking done at the mall.

Don't know what we'll do tomorrow but I kind of home we stay home for a day.  There's a Saturday market and a Charro festival this weekend.  I'd like to make some spaghetti sauce and I've been wanting to make some english muffins, work on my blogs and knitting.