Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What a glorious day in Benson, AZ. This was after we spent the afternoon at the VFW. We were drinking creamed chocotinies! So yummy!

Night fall looking out our window.

Ok, another day geocaching. This one was at a Veteran's Memorial. Guess who found it. Sometimes you find them stuck to metal so anytime there's a fence like this, you know it's probably a cache that's been magnetized and stuck to it.

We spent another day geocaching and out of 5, only found 1! You don't always have great luck. We went back to one of thos 5 and found it this morning. So 2 out of 5. One is at a pizza place and Chuck won't try again because it's not a public place. Another is in an alley and he's not comfortable there either. I'll have to go back and do those myself. The one real tricky one was at another cemetery where we had to figure out a puzzle to get the coordinates to find the cache. We have figured out the coordinates and now have to go back for the cache. Tomorrow's another day.