Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I found this web site with much better photos than I posted for Lake Havasu City, Quartzite, Slab City, etc. Check it out: HERE

I have really gotten lazy about posting. We did have some trouble getting online or should I say staying online and I ran out of wifi time at the last park.

We are now in Del Rio, TX at Three Rivers RV Park. The lady, owner here, sounds just like Reba! I love her. She's awfully nice and such a cute little lady. I've got some pictures from the last few days but will have to download them tomorrow.

We drove around the first day here and found out there's nothing here! LOL We do have a WalMart and a small mall where there's an Applebees, Ross, a few little stores and a JC Penney. The theater is in this mall and we plan to go see the new one with Mel Gibson. It's that or a chic flick and Chuck won't go there.

We got to meet another couple I knew from an online RV group. They work at this park and I got to see my old friend Jerry, who I met in that online group, they're from the same area in WA that we come from, and we spent some time together while at Lake Sawyer RV Park in WA last summer. Really neat people. We plan to get together tomorrow for coffee, Chuck won't go but that's ok. We'll take in the movie in the afternoon.

I've been designing and working on different crochet and knit patterns. I worked up 12 new filet crochet patterns and submitted them to Crochet Designs web site. I already have several there they sell for me.

We've done a lot of walking and try to walk for an hour everyday. We'll be here till Sunday and then move on to Zapata, TX for one night and then Eidenburg, TX for a week before heading to Brownsville.

OK, Minnesota, enough with the snow. We would like to head north mid March. Can ya stop snowing ?