Monday, February 1, 2010

We made a tourist trip to Tombstone, AZ. What a tourist trap! We took in a roping and riding show which was a pretty big disappointment.

Pictured below is a bull fight. The dogs were so cute! Jen I took these pictures for you. She announced that she was going to fight black and white bulls and then these little guys came running out. So darn cute. The nicest thing is that all the animals they use have been rescued! They train them and love them to death! Wish I could have gotten a better picture.

Here they were showing how the horses could stand on a little platform. Can't believe they charge $5 for this show. No more bad comments but lets just say Tombstone is a ripoff!

This is looking down the street of Tombstone.

These guys just love me! Here's another burro trying to get my attention. Remember the one in Oatman that grabbed my purse? This one wasn't going to do that........I was on to him!

This is actually where the roping and riding show was. Pictures are a little out of order. Sorry.