Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nappanee, Indiana McMiller Customs

Another update.......We have not had the roof worked on yet by PJ and Megan; owners of McMiller Customs........excellent company to have your RV worked on.  They can do everything!

 The materials just arrived today, Wednesday, so they will start tomorrow and hopefully, we'll be on the road by Friday.  We were planning on going through Nashville and on to New Orleans but we may not do that.  Then we thought maybe going through Branson instead, AZ park Emerald Cove, and save some gas and shorten the trip.

The weather has been beautiful.  Just gorgeous and we cannot complain.  We drove to Goshen today to Kohls for shoes and had lunch at Wendy's.  They have great salads.

Tomorrow, while they work on the roof, we hope the go through lots of cupboards and do some purging.  You need to do that every once in awhile.

We have talked to the folks at Rio Bend RV park and everything's a go for us.  We may get there before November 1st but that's what we're shooting for.
Great times all summer and more fun to come.....

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mullets Amish Family Farm Dinner Nappanee, Indiana

Here's my shortened story of our wonderful dinner with Ben and Mary Etta Mullet at their farm in Nappanee, Indiana.  If you ever get a chance to do this, I highly recommend you do so.

9:38 AM (7 hours ago)
We certainly didhave a wonderful time yesterday and last nights dinner with the Mullets was an experience I'll never ever forget. Nor will we ever forget Ben and Mary Etta Mullet!  ever!

We arrived in a thundering extremely windy storm. Our cars were almost lifting off the ground as we processed down the road through the countryside heading to the Mullets Amish farm. There were 5 cars. We were second and everyone that was behind someone said the same thing; the car ahead of them appeared to be rocking so bad it was going to leave the ground. Black skies, no lightning or thunder, I missed experiencing that again, but experienced enough. I watched the skies for a tornado. 

When we arrived, we all stayed in our cars except Keith and his wife. Keith is deathly afraid of his car rolling over in the wind and killing them. You gotta know Keith!  LOL

After being allowed into the hall, running through the deep puddles, getting soaked, we had finally arrived. Ben was lighting the propane lights; no electricity allowed,gas is. 

We had a long social hour as Mary Etta furiously cooked away in the kitchen. There were 16 of us; 11 in our group and another group of 4. Ben and Mary Etta weren't able to sit and eat with us as usual as the children were not available to help serve. Ben did the serving. 

The first that was served was an amazing salad and homemade dinner rolls. The salad was peas, cheese, ham, onions, and chopped lettuce with a sweet sour dressing. The dinner roll was served with butter and Mary's famous apple butter. I was full already!

The whole meal was served family style; passing the bowls along. 

Next came the main course of mashed potatoes and gravy, homegrown buttered green beans, a spaghetti dish with a chicken and buttery flavor, AND the most amazing meatloaf you'd ever imagine!  The bowls came around for seconds and I had to have more beans and a small chunk of meatloaf. 

Ben then brought out dessert!  We had a choice of chocolate cream, butterscotch cream or blueberry pies. Awesome!  I wanted one of each but took the blueberry and Chuck the butterscotch. More amazing food and coffee. 

Then Ben was able to sit down and answered any and all questions about their family, their life and their lifestyle. I for one was amazed to hear they are no different than us. I was always a little afraid of them. But they are the friendliest most kind people you'd ever want to meet. You make friends with them for life. Guess ignorance isn't bliss in this case. 

We've spent the week with the Amish people everywhere we went; stores, bakery, walking down the street, at the history of tractors, parade, watching the horse drawn buggies run past us, the bicyclists; even the young girls in their dresses, etc. the are just like us living within a community and have all the same problems the English, us, have with groups and/or family dynamics. A 5k race was run and the young Amish girls ran in their pretty dressed and coverings. 

The men pretty much asked about his farm life. He explained how the family farm became his and not any other siblings; there were two boys and two girls. They have what they call a "grandpa" house where his parents lived till they died and Ben and his family took care of them. Ben is now enlarging the home for the daughter and spouse to move into and they will vacate as they will be moving into the "grandpa" house soon. Their turn to move on and turn the farm over to the child that was able to work the farm. Choosing is a hard decision but they all meet and figure out who wants to and who is the most capable to carry on the Mullet farm. 

They have/had 160 acres but one brother took half so Ben worked 80. He is now down to not working much of the farm but the family garden, renting out much of his land to, actually his boss; yes, Ben works a normal job. The renter has agreed to give Ben what he needs, corn, to feed his 5 horses for a year every year.  I've never seen anyone so completely involved, heart and soul, into his work and his horses. He told a story about his two main horses he used for plowing and how they are very very committed to their master. The love goes both ways. Ben cried as he told the story because it's an end of his farming journey and moving on as it has been done so many times, it being his turn and a very emotional time for him. You could see the deep love he has for his family, life and farm, including his friends, his horses. 

I asked lots if questions about the ladies; from the cooking, laundry , sewing (treadle machines or battery operated), their covering (bonnets), colors, shoes, hair; did you know they never get their hair cut and many have hair to the floor?  

We learned about the history of the Amish and Mennonites. Way back to 1400-1700s. Amazing heart renching stories of torture and killing by the Catholics because they didn't believe in baptism till they each, on an individual basis, are ready to commit to their faith not at be baptized birth. They were called Anabaptists and, like I said, tortured and killed. While imprisoned, they wrote verse or song which are published with their individual stories in the book called "Martyrs Mirror", still available on amazon. When Ben read some to us, he cried, stopped to wipe his tears, and continued. These songs are used in their church services but only sung acopella. No music. 

We ended with a prayer, Ben spoke a parting from the book "Martyrs Mirror", and again stopping to wipe his tears. Hugs and tears all around and I mean hugs!  Great sincere words of safe travels and love to all. We certainly have made some serious memories we'll never forget. 

I'm sorry this got so long. It really is an abbreviated version as it is. 


Summertime in Minnesota

It's time for an update on our summer.  I spent lots of fun fun quality time in Plymouth, MN with my sister and visited with my brother several times.  We would walk whenever we could with Dan and always stopped for a latte and lots of conversation.

Pat and I did our utmost to get in as much art work time as we could.  She's extremely talented and so helpful when it comes to having creative block.  She has an amazing art room with everything you could possibly need or want to do whatever art project your little heart desires.

We visited often with Brian and Nicolle; helping them move into their new abode!  What a lovely place they have; lots of work ahead of them but it's fun work for sure.  Nicolle is also very talented when it comes to decorating and making their new home there's.

Quinn also bought himself a new home.  Yay! Quinnie!  It's really a nice place and needs very little work changing the decorating.  I'm sure by now he's moved in completely and loving his home ownership.  Actually, Quinn and the Whites, Brian and Nicolle, live very close to one another now.  Crystal, MN.  Also, while in Plymouth, I was able to meet my dear friend, Sue Damyanovich, for brunch.  We try to see each other whenever I get home.  We've known each other since we were 12 years old!  We went to St. Joe's school together.

We celebrated our 47th anniversary in Windom with the Rossows going out to dinner.  They gave us an awesome gift!  A NewWave oven!  We haven't had much change to use it but I'm looking forward to have it for all my favorite recipes.  It's a beautiful machine!  We had a wonderful time with the Rossows at their home and always do.

From Windom, we went back to Westbrook and settled in in Warren's front yard again.  Chuck so enjoyed playing cards everyday a the VFW with Warren and the gentlemen of Westbrook.  We sure miss all the home grown tomatoes, muskmelon, corn, etc.  So generous of Pat to share her bounties.  We miss being with you.

As soon as I got back to Westbrook from my sister's I got sick.  What a horrible cold or whatever it was.  I was so plugged up I couldn't hear and it's still not good.  It's been a month!  Chuck had it and lost his voice.  We were quite the pair.  Also, I contracted pink eye!  Nice, huh?  I had to see a doctor for that one.

While in Plymouth, I took in my annual mammogram which came back super and had a mole removed that came back ok, too.

We left Westbrook on September 8th, Pat's birthday.  Stopped for fuel on the way out of town; $146.  We made it to the Amana Colonies RV park our first night and stayed for 3 nights.  We love the area and had a great time shopping, having coffee and beer!  We went to a play at the Old Creamery Theater and saw Cash on Delivery.  A very funny play.

Ok, we've driven 2000 miles since w left Lake Sawyer, WA.  We spent one night at the Condit Ranch in Putnam, Ill and then the next day headed on to Nappanee, Indiana arriving about noon time.  We've been here ever since.

On the 15th PJ started the work we came for him to do so we checked into the Victorian Guesthouse B&B.  Great time there and beautiful historic home.  Spent two nights there doing lots of fun things during the day like eating Rocket Science ice cream, shopped through the Coppes Commons, mall, checking out all the shops, attending the Apple Festival and eating more Rocket Science ice cream.  We met some awesome people while checking out of the Guesthouse that we went to an Amish farm for dinner on Saturday night.  I'll have to post my little synopsis of our time with them in another post.  It's an experience we'll never ever forget.  We took in the tractor show, Chuck's favorite, the Dutch Village where we were almost locked in.  We didn't hear the announcement that they were closing!  So funny.  We saw the Apple Festival parade with our new friends and had a terrific time.

That bring us to today, Sunday.  We're vegging at home; he's watching football and you know what I'm doing.  Enjoying every minute of our day.  Tomorrow we hope they work on the roof.  We're waiting for product to arrive that they will roll on the roof.  We're doing it as a favor to PJ and we'll get it done free.  Then we'll test it's endurance while we're in El Centro under the hot southern California sun.  In April, we'll meet up with PJ at the Alfa rally in Arizona and have him check it out.  Rallies are so fun and we can't waity.

We'll be contacting Rio Bend RV park soon to find out if everything is copacetic and how we hope it will work for us. 


Shady Acres RV Park & Campground Green River, Utah

Shady Acres RV park is one of our favorites but we have only stayed here once and for only one night on our way north to Seattle.  We took a beautiful route through the state of Utah and spent several days here and there in the state.  It is gorgeous and a must-see.

Anyway, Shady Acres is a perfect RV park if you're into exploring the natural wonders of this beautiful state.  The Southeastern corner anyway.  There's lots of nice shade trees; cottonwood, and wonderful mountain views right from your campsite.  Local wildlife might just walk right through the park and you might be lucky enough to see them.  The park has 16 acres.

They are a year-round park with 97 paved sites with many 100 foot pull-thrus and have full hookups.  WIF is free and there is cable TV available.  They have groceries, clean restrooms, dog park, basketball and volleyball courts.  There is a golf course just next door.  If you have children, there's three playground areas, laundry facilities, rv and car wash, facilities for your group,30 and 50 amp is available.

There's so much to do and see from this park; John Wesley Powell River History Museum, Crystal Geyser, Swasey Beach and Rapids, Green River Dam/pump house/water wheel and Arches National Park. 

There's showers, but no laundry that I can remember.  They do have a convenience store with groceries and fast food, gas and diesel pumps, too.  3 cent per gallon discount for guests. Close by is Blimpie Subs.  There are a few handicapped sites available but remember to call with all your questions and prices.  Prices seem to change often and without notice.

It's a quiet park and we had a very pleasant stay.  We were on our way early the next morning and didn't use any of the facilities ourselves but did check them out for you.

Contact them at:
800-537-8674 or 435-564-8290
350 East Main Street
Green River, UT 84525

email address:
Theyt accept Good Same
ARVC and is an AAA approved campground along with Woodall's Approval


Oregon Trails West RV Park, Baker City, OR

We've stayed at this park only once on our way south to southern California but it was a very nice lovely park.  We only stayed one night but from this park you have an endless number of touring possibilities if you plan to stay longer. If you love hiking, biking, fishing, birding, skiing, this park is for you.

There's also Sumpter Valley Railroad, Oregon Trails Interpretive Cntr, and many historic buildings to spend hours of your time going through.  There's quite a history to the Oregon Trail from the Missouri-Kansas border to the Willamette River in Oregon.  If you love history, this is a great park to stay at and plan to spend a couple days at least to visit all the historic buildings.

There's a life sized exhibit and living history at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center located just 5 miles east of Baker City. 

Ok, the park has all the normal rules and restrictions.  Check out and register time is by 11am.  Pets are allowed on a leash and must be leased at all times.  Clean up after you pet is a must and no barking is allowed.  No pets are allowed in any of the park buildings.

You cannot wash your vehicle nor do any maintenance on any kind on your vehicles while in the park.  This must happen.......but no washing pets, dishes or clothing in the restrooms and NO clotheslines allowed.

There's 44 RV sites and it looks like by the map, about 7 tent sites.  There's 4 sites designated with a F which looks like tens only and with only water. 3 sites have electric only.  Call for rates and any questions you may have.  They're very adamant about NO rugs on the grass.

Phone number: 541-523-3236
42534 North Cedar Road
Baker City, OR 97814

Tri Mountain RV Park, Ridgefield, WA

We have stayed at this park a couple times as it's real convenient to Vancouver, WA where our daughter lives.  It's a lovely park and we're so glad it's available for us. The manager is super friendly and very accommodating.  It's neat, clean and well maintained.  It has a nice picnic area and includes utilities; water, sewer, electricity and trash.  Please, check with the park for rates.

There's coin operated showers, coin operated laundry facilities and for $5 you can was your RV and/or car.  All pets must be discussed with the manager before renting by the month but they are welcomed on a day to day basis.  They have a nice doggie pick-up area.  There's an extra charge for extra people in your RV but no extra charge for children under age 5.

Besides being close to our daughter, there's a little strip mall across the parking lot with a wonderful pizza place and a Sub Way sandwich shop along with other little shops there.  The park is close to Battleground, Ridgefield's little quaint shopping town and not far from Vancouver if you like bigger cities and what they have to offer.

Pets are to be kept under control at all times and supervised.  They must be on a leash at all times and never leave them tied up outside alone.  No dogs over 30lbs are permitted and limit of two dogs per site.

No RV over 10 years old is allowed and newer based on condition.  It is a no smoking park in any of the park facilities.  Check with the park for what's available but we have always had 50amp.

Please contact the park manager for prices, questions and reservations.
Brenda Morse / 360-887-8983
office hours are 9am to 5pm

109 S. 65th Avenue, Building C,
Ridgefield, WA 98642