Sunday, September 21, 2014

Summertime in Minnesota

It's time for an update on our summer.  I spent lots of fun fun quality time in Plymouth, MN with my sister and visited with my brother several times.  We would walk whenever we could with Dan and always stopped for a latte and lots of conversation.

Pat and I did our utmost to get in as much art work time as we could.  She's extremely talented and so helpful when it comes to having creative block.  She has an amazing art room with everything you could possibly need or want to do whatever art project your little heart desires.

We visited often with Brian and Nicolle; helping them move into their new abode!  What a lovely place they have; lots of work ahead of them but it's fun work for sure.  Nicolle is also very talented when it comes to decorating and making their new home there's.

Quinn also bought himself a new home.  Yay! Quinnie!  It's really a nice place and needs very little work changing the decorating.  I'm sure by now he's moved in completely and loving his home ownership.  Actually, Quinn and the Whites, Brian and Nicolle, live very close to one another now.  Crystal, MN.  Also, while in Plymouth, I was able to meet my dear friend, Sue Damyanovich, for brunch.  We try to see each other whenever I get home.  We've known each other since we were 12 years old!  We went to St. Joe's school together.

We celebrated our 47th anniversary in Windom with the Rossows going out to dinner.  They gave us an awesome gift!  A NewWave oven!  We haven't had much change to use it but I'm looking forward to have it for all my favorite recipes.  It's a beautiful machine!  We had a wonderful time with the Rossows at their home and always do.

From Windom, we went back to Westbrook and settled in in Warren's front yard again.  Chuck so enjoyed playing cards everyday a the VFW with Warren and the gentlemen of Westbrook.  We sure miss all the home grown tomatoes, muskmelon, corn, etc.  So generous of Pat to share her bounties.  We miss being with you.

As soon as I got back to Westbrook from my sister's I got sick.  What a horrible cold or whatever it was.  I was so plugged up I couldn't hear and it's still not good.  It's been a month!  Chuck had it and lost his voice.  We were quite the pair.  Also, I contracted pink eye!  Nice, huh?  I had to see a doctor for that one.

While in Plymouth, I took in my annual mammogram which came back super and had a mole removed that came back ok, too.

We left Westbrook on September 8th, Pat's birthday.  Stopped for fuel on the way out of town; $146.  We made it to the Amana Colonies RV park our first night and stayed for 3 nights.  We love the area and had a great time shopping, having coffee and beer!  We went to a play at the Old Creamery Theater and saw Cash on Delivery.  A very funny play.

Ok, we've driven 2000 miles since w left Lake Sawyer, WA.  We spent one night at the Condit Ranch in Putnam, Ill and then the next day headed on to Nappanee, Indiana arriving about noon time.  We've been here ever since.

On the 15th PJ started the work we came for him to do so we checked into the Victorian Guesthouse B&B.  Great time there and beautiful historic home.  Spent two nights there doing lots of fun things during the day like eating Rocket Science ice cream, shopped through the Coppes Commons, mall, checking out all the shops, attending the Apple Festival and eating more Rocket Science ice cream.  We met some awesome people while checking out of the Guesthouse that we went to an Amish farm for dinner on Saturday night.  I'll have to post my little synopsis of our time with them in another post.  It's an experience we'll never ever forget.  We took in the tractor show, Chuck's favorite, the Dutch Village where we were almost locked in.  We didn't hear the announcement that they were closing!  So funny.  We saw the Apple Festival parade with our new friends and had a terrific time.

That bring us to today, Sunday.  We're vegging at home; he's watching football and you know what I'm doing.  Enjoying every minute of our day.  Tomorrow we hope they work on the roof.  We're waiting for product to arrive that they will roll on the roof.  We're doing it as a favor to PJ and we'll get it done free.  Then we'll test it's endurance while we're in El Centro under the hot southern California sun.  In April, we'll meet up with PJ at the Alfa rally in Arizona and have him check it out.  Rallies are so fun and we can't waity.

We'll be contacting Rio Bend RV park soon to find out if everything is copacetic and how we hope it will work for us.