Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nappanee, Indiana McMiller Customs

Another update.......We have not had the roof worked on yet by PJ and Megan; owners of McMiller Customs........excellent company to have your RV worked on.  They can do everything!

 The materials just arrived today, Wednesday, so they will start tomorrow and hopefully, we'll be on the road by Friday.  We were planning on going through Nashville and on to New Orleans but we may not do that.  Then we thought maybe going through Branson instead, AZ park Emerald Cove, and save some gas and shorten the trip.

The weather has been beautiful.  Just gorgeous and we cannot complain.  We drove to Goshen today to Kohls for shoes and had lunch at Wendy's.  They have great salads.

Tomorrow, while they work on the roof, we hope the go through lots of cupboards and do some purging.  You need to do that every once in awhile.

We have talked to the folks at Rio Bend RV park and everything's a go for us.  We may get there before November 1st but that's what we're shooting for.
Great times all summer and more fun to come.....