Sunday, October 12, 2014

On The Road Again

The roof was finally worked on; all they had to do was spread or roll this thick coating from end to end on the roof and then it had to dry, of course.  We'll see what the hot AZ and So CA sun does to it and will meet the PJ and Megan at an Alfa rally in April to have them check it out.

The last night in Nappane, Ind we went to dinner with the Millers at Joe's Italian Restaurant in Mishawaka, Ind. Boy oh boy was that awesome food.  The best  Italian I've ever had; sorry MOM and Grandma.  We said our goodbyes after dinner.

The day we left was a cool 60 degrees at 9am.  Our first night was at Pin Oak Creek RV Park in Villa Ridge, MO.  On the way we went through a couple large cities with awful traffic.  It didn't help that it was Sunday; there was still bumper to bumper traffic on the interstate.  Both hwy 70 and 40 were really bad.  

I decided to get up to use the bathroom and as I was coming out, the car ahead of him decided to make a quick stop.  You don't stop quickly when you're driving one of these big rigs but he did a great job and didn't hit him.  BUT, I went flying towards the front and wound up on the floor.  I think I grabbed the shower towel bar on the outside of the shower door breaking that off, forcing the bathroom door to hyper extend and it opened way beyond it's limits.  I think on my way through that doorway, I slammed my left hand on the wall, hit my left him in a few places and wrenched my neck.  I had a sore nose, hit that someplace, a sore ear, two large bruised on my left thigh, a swelling left hand, and my neck!  OMG!  That hurt like a sun-of-a-gun.  It took me awhile to even get off the floor.  I couldn't get my wits about me.  Trying to figure out what happened and where I hurt.  I iced my hand and my neck immediately which really helped my neck.  My hand still swelled and turned black and blue and today it still hurts and is a little swollen.  It's been two weeks today.  Maybe I should have had it xrayed and maybe I still will.

We decided to skip Nashville, TN and New Orlelans and go to Branson, MO instead.  It was perfect weather and we really enjoyed a few shows.  We stayed at Treasure Lake RV Park which is nice and close to everything.  We saw 7 shows!  You may not know any of the entertainers but we sure enjoyed them.  Jim Owen, an old Country singer and song writer, Barbara Fairchild and her husband Roy Morris, Pierce Arrow a group that sang mostly country but did a variety, the play/ballet Marco Polo, the tribute to the Statler Brothers and SIX another singing group.  On Sunday, we went to Barbara Fairchild's church service and they sang more there.  What I great time we had.

Marco Polo Show
Tribute to the Statler Brothers

Left Branson on the 6th of October heading to Texola, OK and the Double D RV Park for one night.  Sunny and nice quiet park.  The next night we were in Tucumcari, NM.  I always wondered where Tucumcari was.  By this time, we had driven 1787 miles since Nappanee, INd and paid $546 for fuel.

We arrived at Bullhead City, AZ October 10 and are at Ridgeview RV Park.  It's been hot hot hot the upper 90s but we really don't mind.  So far all we've done is eat out at Taco Bell and picked up some groceries.  We'll be here for two weeks.
Rest Stop in Arizona
Arizona.....We never get clouds like this in Seattle

I've been catching up on my cleaning and working on some paper projects for fun.  I am practicing my routines for teaching Zumba at Rio Bend when we get there.  That should be by November 1st.

This was about 6:30 pm