Thursday, October 30, 2014

On the Road Again to Rio Bend RV Park

Not much of anything has happened since I last wrote.  We spent a week at Emerald Cove RV park and did nothing fancy.  We drove to Lake Havasu City and to Quartzsite for lunch.  Those were both fun days.  We're spending our last night at Emerald Cove in Earp, CA which is just across the river from Parker, CA.  Or is it visa versa?  I can never remember but glad we're getting out of here because the time zones are really weird.

We're on our way to Rio Bend for the winter which is in El Centro, CA.  That's where we spent last winter as workampers.  Don't let that title scare's working our our site, electricity and vouchers, to boot.  The work is fun and easy and we love the people we work with, the people in the park and the management!  There's new management this year so maybe I shouldn't say that yet.

Zumba will start soon there; I'm hoping not till next week, but I'm ready to see all my wonderful friends and hope we can get  few more to try the class.

When we arrive, tomorrow, Halloween, there is a party but I'm not sure we'll be attending.  We're not into dressing up too much and we didn't even find any masks.  Besides it a potluck and I don't have time to make anything.  Guess I could always bring bread and butter.  LOL

Then on Saturday there's another dinner to welcome everyone to the park for this season.  I'm expecting there to be even more fun and more activities than last year.  Can't wait to get back to pickle-ball and ping pong with my friend Bob.  I know now that he had a hip replaced, he'll beat me every game but I still can't wait.

Well, I'll write more, I promise, as the days evolve at the park.  We are welcoming anyone that wants to come visit.  We know of a very nice RV park less than a mile away that has an affordable park model to rent;.

I hurt my hand about a month ago and it's not healing very fast.  The doctor said there's no break and their splints didn't fit me so I'm supposed to wrap it and not use it!  LOL  Can you see me not using my hand?  It's a good thing it's the left one.

Signing out.......everyone have a safe Halloween.