Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort

Well, as of yesterday, we are no longer workampers at Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort.  I've given up my Zumba class because Chuck just couldn't handle the sloppy work and unsafe work being done in the park and watching so many slackers get the same benefits when he worked so darn hard!  He did so much for the park and saved them a great deal of money.  Being an engineer, he just couldn't continue being a part of such unsafe sloppy work.

I miss all of my new friends at the park.  I truly enjoyed each and every one of them.  I made some great new friends I know I'll stay in touch with.

We are now just 40 miles away from Rio Bend, or El Centro, and are at Pilot Knob RV park in Winterhaven, CA.  It's a very nice park and within 5 minutes of the MX border.  I don't think we'll go back to Algodones, MX again this trip unless it's just for a nice lunch in the sun at the Pariso.

From here, we leave on Tuesday, we're heading back to Emerald Cover RV Park in Earp, CA.  It's a fun place with lots of walking area and some games, dinners, breakfasts, etc. but not enough games for me.  I'm tempted to ask if I could teach a Zumba class.  Real tempted.  Zumba, pickleball and ping pong all kept me fit and I was actually starting to lose some weight.  Which I need to do.

We're having fun even though Rio Bend didn't work out for us.  We'll see what the rest of winter brings us.  I will keep you posted.

happy trails and "See Ya"