Friday, March 13, 2015

March 2015

After watching the Blue Angels yesterday, Chuck and I went to Algadones, MX for lunch and decided to have lunch before shopping; I need new glasses and we need a few things from the Purple Pharmacy. Lunch was awesome; 2 plates of food and two huge margaritas for $35! We were invited to sit with a group of people from Canada and Minnesota. They boondock or dry camp right on the US side of the border. We had to go check that out. It's awesome! Only about $200 for 6 months paid to the Indians as it's on their reservation. We hope to try that one day as Chuck has always wanted to get solar panels. They also have WIFI there and TV!
From there, we stopped at the Q for dinner. It's the casino. We got home and Chuck went to bed. It was still quite early so I went up to the bar. See the pics down below the jets. Beautiful, isn't it. I sat with some Zumba peeps and their spouses and danced a few dances. One of the gals decided to jump in the pool and before she had a chance, she was pushed in! One wife after another were pushed in. It was only a matter of time. That pool, the bar, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I was the next to be pushed in! It was so fun! Luckily, I had asked a friend much earlier in the evening, to hold my phone as I had no pockets and I didn't want to lose it while dancing. Not just lose it but forget where I put it. So being thrown in didn't hurt a thing! Talk about second childhood! So much fun.
What will/could happen next?

Yesterday, I was sitting at my laptop, early, only about 7am, that's real early for me, waiting to GO SEE THE BLUE ANGELS PRACTICE! We were invited with some friends that are retired military and able to get on the base, NAF, anytime they want so a few times every year at this time, they take a van load of friends on the base, right up close and personal, to watch the Blue Angels practice! We stood right at the gate where the pilots walk through in their blue jumpsuits to go to the jets. They talked to us even! Nice young men that aren't just pilots but gorgeous young men that we can all be extremely proud of. We are told they live to fly! They are Blue Angel pilots for only 2 years and then step down so others can take their place. It's quite stressful not only on their nerves but their whole body system. Can you imagine going at those speeds, not just normal flying but upside down, flipping over?!
It was truly an awesome experience and one I'll never forget. Wish every American could experience this regimented beautiful process.

Valentine's dinner was so yummy! Chicken Kiev,I think. Anyway, super good. I didn't stay for the dance because there were soooo many people there, the dance floor was full and I was tired. It was a huge success.
Yesterday the ladies got in the pool for their water aerobic class and the pool overflowed and flooded the portico dance floor so there was no Zumba. I mean at least 1" of water in the low spots and, of course, where we usually dance. So I went for a walk with Barbara.
Today is Mardi Gras where we'll have a parade, potluck and street dance. I am not in the parade this year with my Zumba float. I want to see the parade this year. There'll be lots of fun prizes. The temps are cooperating and will be about 80 today.
So I better get going and help with setting up tables for the potluck. Happy Mardi Gras everyone.

Our beautiful pool when the sun is setting. Valentine's dinner is on Saturday and we're going to attend. Till then, I have a Zumba class this morning and one on Friday. The temps are climbing already so we're shortening the class to 45 minutes and see if that helps. Wednesday is the only day we could possibly be inside where there's AC. Normally, we're outside under the portico (you see the portico in the photo below) but if there's no breeze, it gets pretty warm. Moving inside will probably happen if the temps keep climbing. It was 88 yesterday and today will be 84.
Finally went shopping at Macys at the mall and had a great time with Karin and Jack. I haven't shopped for clothes for so long it was actually fun.

OK, it is now February 5, 2015. We've been here for 3 months and have been through lots of warm days, some cool days and some rainy days. we're back to the warm days in the 80s with more sun than you have ever seen!
Since I last posted, I've helped decorate for Christmas, the dinner and dance and for New Years Eve. Things get started early here and most people are home in bed by 10pm, even on New Years Eve. We had a different kind of dinner Christmas eve, but not completely bad, and a wonderful dinner on NYE. The best part is you always get a dessert!
Right before Christmas, Chuck drove up to Seattle to get Jack and Karin so they could start anew down here with jobs and a place to live. They made it back Christmas eve to have dinner with me.
Jack is pretty much doing what his Dad does for the park; lots of maintenance, building steps for the park models, making signs, fixing the lighting, etc. Karin works in the kitchen is doing a fabulous job! They both love it here. They've gotten their first paycheck and are in 7th heaven! They both even get in overtime every pay period which is a real plus. Jocie, their little Jack Russell, really loves the warm weather, too, and loves to go in and out of their rig, home, on her leash, of course, at will. No cold feet anymore.
We've been using the hot tub and lthe pool which id really fun after dark. It's right next to the bar and makes for a fun evening. I haven't played a lot of ping pong lately nor been able to get out for pickleball. I've added another day of Zumba, not Saturday but Fridays. I have a good solid 10 ladies now and we have such a wonderful time. We've even added some line dancing as our cool down.
We lost a few people, help, in activities so I've been doing a little more. Don't have a lot of time for ping pong nor can I find anyone that wants to play. Jack loves the game but works and Chuck won't play. Bob, my usual ping pong partner, came back to the park but haven't seen him. He brought his lady friend and he's busy showing her the sites around the area. I missed cribbage last night, I have forgotten for a month now, so hopefully will remember next week.
For several weeks I was doing a lot of watercolor painting. I love all the arts but watercolor especially and there was a craft sale coming up in the park, so I spent some time getting ready for that. I did sell two paintings!!!
I only have to cook about two days a week when the cafe is closed. Otherwise, we get vouchers for food in the cafe for our work, plus other benefits, so we eat lunch there everyday and what I cook on Tuesdays and Wednesdays usually holds over for dinner till the next week. What a life, huh? You just can't beat it!
So let's see what else........we had a lady impersonator come in for a show and she was terrific. Actually, she chose Chuck to come up on stage to be "Daddy" when she was Marilyn Monroe and she sang to him. It was the funniest thing ever. We had The Piano Man, not the real one, come in a do a Las Vegas quality show! All Elton John and Billy Joel music. AWESOME!!!
Well, that's about it for now. I feel pretty caught up on the news for you. Wish you all were here and could experience this wonderful life style. Our doors are open if anyone wants to get away from the cold winter.