Monday, February 15, 2010

Rio Grande River between US and Mexico. Photo taken between Benson, AZ and El Paso, TX.

Mexico across the river.

Del Rio, Texas

Practically right across the street from the Three River's Park was Lake Amistad. A huge lake and quite a draw for fishermen.

One day we went for a 4 mile hike to the lake. Chuck thought it was funny to have me crouch down in this cactus patch. Like "Where's Waldo"! LOL

Another beautiful sunset from our motorhome at Three River's Park in Del Rio, TX.

From Three Rivers RV park in Del Rio, we spent last night, February 14th, in Zapata, TX. I didn't put it on the map. Guess I forgot. We were at a park on the lake Falcon and next weekend there's to be quite a famous fishing tournament held there.

It was a real friendly park so too bad we weren't going to spend more time there. When we pulled in the weather was 79 degrees! YES! B e a u t i f u l ! I put on some shorts and my sandals right away. I don't know when I'll get the chance again and it was a good thing because when the sun went down, it got really cold again and really windy again. We had to pull in the slides as we really were a rockin'. Forecast is for rain till about Friday and temps in the 60s.

It can't rain, there's not a cloud in the sky and the winds seem to have stopped. People walking by have jackets and hats on, though, so it's still not all that warm out there.

This is Lake Falcon from the road as we left Zapata, TX. Another very large lake. Maybe that's why there's a fishing tournament here.

We arrived today at Lazy Palms RV Park and Ranch outside of Edinburg, TX. On the map, it's between Del Rio and Brownsville, TX.

This is a very large park with lots of grass and lots of room. I'll get some pictures taken and hopefully if the weather gets nice and warm again, I'll get some of us outside around our site.

We really really hope to find lots to do here in Edinburg, TX. There's already more to do in the clubhouse and this park is so big, there's lots of walking and it's terribly flat with no hills. We know there's a theater close by, WalMart, lots of history, shopping, museums, shopping, restaurants, geocaching, shopping and did I mention shopping?

If I can get online and stay online, I will be posting more often. Yeah, right, I've heard that before!