Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Eidenburg, TX to Progreso, MX

Here's the Lazy Palms RV Park in Eidenburg, TX.  We're right down that street.  You can see it's a large park with wide open spaces.

Getting closer to our motorhome.  This park was really nice but the closest store was over 20 miles away and when it rained, there was mud everywhere.

Here's another view of the park.

This is our motorhome.  Not a good picture.  I guess I should have gotten out of the car.

We decided to make a trip into Progreso, Mx on a nice sunny day.  It was so fun.

The middle of the river is the US and Mexico boundry so right in the middle of the International Bridge they posted this sign.  We had to get in the picture. 

This is the bridge.  The Mexican people were on the right outside the bridge railing sitting in the dirt with their hat stuck through the rungs of the railing begging for money.  I don't think I got a picture of that but it was so sad.

I had to get a picture of the military presense in Mexico.  We haven't even hardly gotten off the bridge. 

We walked up one side of the street and down the other until we found a nice place to have lunch.  We chose the La Fagata.  Here we are waiting for our food.  We each had the lunch special and 5 margaritas between us and the bill came to $21!

They still had their Valentines decorations us and I thought it was pretty and colorful I had to take a picture.  Or two.

The man in the lower right corner was a really nice guy.  Didn't realize he got in the picture.  His wife is Italian and her family comes from the same area ours does so we had a little bit to talk about.

You know how some restaurants put up funny bumper stickers?

This is the place we had lunch.  The streets were still quit muddy and there were huge puddles everywhere.

One of the plazas we just had to walk down to see what was out the other end.  It wasn't in town, it was kind of like seeing how they really live.  Not pretty.
We had a great time and were so glad we went.  While walking down the street, of course, you're approached by many many vendors but this one little boy came up to me and my heart melted.  He was about Ethan's age, 3-4 and was selling bracelets for $1.00.  Of course, I bought one from him.  I did that in Algodones, too, only it was this cute tiny little lady that reminded me of my Grandmother so I had to buy something from her.  

We left in the afternoon and decided we had another great day in Mexico.