Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011 Tuesday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to  our favorite son!!  Jack's birthday is tomorrow.  Email him a quick happy birthday! macksja@gmail.com

Today we pulled into Eagles RV park in Thermopolis, WY.  It's cold here!  Chuck's Uncle Al lived here and we used to have so much fun when we'd visit him.  We remember the rodeos every summer where the bars stayed open 24 hours a day, we remember asparagus picking and brought back grocery bags full, we remember the hot tubs, the hot swimming pool and so many more memories of Uncle Al.

April 19th we pulled into Dakota Ridge RV Park in Golden, CO.  We spent a couple night in Golden as it's just so nice sometimes to not have to be on the road right away the next day.  We went for burgers that night for supper, I got a quilt washed and he had someone come and wash the RV.

Then on the 22nd, we left Dakota Ridge RV Park around noon (so far to date we have driven 3607 miles)
It was so sunny and pretty.  It had rained a little bit in the morning but nice by the time we had to leave.

We arrived on the 22nd in Wellington, CO at our friends beautiful home out on the prairie.  They live on 40 acres of prairie with a beautiful view in all directions.  What a wonderful 3 day weekend we had with the Buschmanns eating, Barry's a wonderful cook, sightseeing, spending a wonderful day with their family coloring Easter eggs and having an Easter egg hunt.  We have never felt so welcome!!

Chuck spent some time with Barry at a glider hanger watching the glider planes take off and land and while the Buschmann's family rode their dirt bikes on their homemade track, Chuck and Barry watched them have that fun.

Lorrie Buschmann

Barry Buschmann

Barry Buschmann

Lorrie Buschmann
I can't believe I didn't get more pictures of their house and their gorgeous property and views!  Lorrie, when you read this, send me some pix of your views and house!!

We had a marvelous marvelous time with our dear friends.  We've known them since we, the 4 of us, were young and just dating.  What memories we have and what fun we had catching up on what we've done over the last 40 years!  

I'm going to take a picture of this wonderful gift they gave us but will have to do it later.  You won't believe it!  It was very hard saying good bye to my little sister.  Thank you Lorrie and Barry for a wonderful time!