Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011 Tuesday

I just added some links on the left for those interested in road conditions.  I had always wanted to do this but kept forgetting so there are many many roads not commented on that I could have been doing.  From time to time, I will update them.
Road to Green River, UT hwy 70

Road to Green River Hwy 70

Today we left Green River, CO.  We stayed at Shady Acres RV Park and had planned going to dinner at a local restaurant but being we were on foot, we changed our minds when the wind started to blow and the skies turned dark with threatening clouds.  We were on foot because he didn't want to disconnect the car from the RV.  Not a hard task but not fun either when it was absolutely necessary that we go out to eat.  It did get stormy out there so we were glad we didn't go.  We would have been caught in the middle of it on the way home.

We had left St. George, or rather Harrisburg, UT yesterday morning a little early but we had over 200 miles to drive.  We hadn't stopped for fuel since Bullhead City, AZ so didn't fill up till this morning to the tune of $299!  The park wasn't expensive at about $35 for full hookup, cable TV and free wifi.  But all winter long, we've been staying free or only $1 a night so this, even though sounds cheap, was hard to swollow.

The trip so far today has been uneventful traveling in and out of some beautiful scenery and even quite a long tunnel.  It's starting to snow now at Arrowhead ski area.  We're climbing all the time hoping to get over Vail pass today before the temps drop.  The roads are very wet with flurries.  Really pretty.  Exit 168 on interstate 70.

We stopped for lunch, cheese, crackers, pickled herring, hummus, at a rest stop a little while back.
Vail Pass, CO

Snow collecting on windshield

Vail Pass, CO
Ok, going over Vail pass right now and it's snowing quite heavily with very wet roadways.  Visability is pretty good but not perfect.  Snow is building up on the windshield.  I know many of you are sick of winter and would rather not see more snow but look at it this way, it's here and not there!  It feels like Christmas.  Do they ever have summer in Vail?  Of course, it's only April.


We have made it over the pass.  The snow started sticking and was turning that dirty color but we trudged along till we made it over the top.  It's pretty slow going but we're taking it easy.  The RV seems to not mind the temps.