Saturday, August 3, 2013

Decisions Decisions


We have made a few plans.

Today we ordered new glasses for each of us.  Even with insurance, it's quite expensive but much needed.  

I have a mammogram and a bone scan test scheduled for next Tuesday and then we will be ready to leave this park for awhile if we'd like.

We think we like.  On the 13th we will be heading to Long Beach, WA for a about 4 weeks.  We're looking forward to moving, traveling and seeing the ocean again.

There's a kit festival on the the weekend of the 19th.  I love kite festivals!!

Just made reservations for Eagles Nest RV Resort in Ilwaco, WA.........Can't wait to get on the move again and hopefully, I can get to Vancouver, WA to see Jenn!!

Will post pictures of that outing when it happens.