Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lake Sawyer RV Park is Home Again

I don't know about you but these posts going backwards really screws up my brain.  I'm back and decided to start at the beginning and read my posts from when we first went full-time.  Of course, that wasn't our first time out in a motor home as we had two others before this one that we are spending our full-time RVing life in, but I am not going back that far.  LOL

Our trip last year was different than usual because we left WA in May of 2012 after staying a full year in WA to take care of my breast cancer treatments.  So when we were finally able to do so, we hit the road.

From here, Lake Sawyer RV park in Maple Valley, WA, we headed east through WA, Idaho and into Montana where we spent some time with a friend in Red Lodge.  Went on through South Dakoka stopping at Wall Drug for donuts and Al's Oasis for a buffalo burger.  We ended up in Shakopee, MN for over a month and visited with all the family.  Even had Jack, our son, fly out and spend some time with us.

When we left MN, we had fun at the Amana Colonies in Iowa and headed on to Branson, MO, New Orleans and on to Rockport, TX.  We stayed the winter from November 1 through April 1, at Palm Harbor RV park where I taught a Zumba class and had a beautiful wonderful class of ladies that I really miss.

We left the park and headed to LA again and changed out our refrigerator......we now have a residential frig that I am in love with!  Then on to Indiana where we had the whole outside of the RV striped like you would the siding on your house, resided and then painted.  I can post a picture of two of that.  Poor thing used to be all white!  We are loving it!

So from Indiana, we went back through MN and stay for 10 weeks with my sister while the RV was being worked on.  From there, we went to Indiana to get the RV and to Windom/Westbrook, MN, his hometown, for another week or so.

We were on the road again for home and stopped again at Al's Oasis and Wall Drug!  Love those places.
We've been home, Lake Sawyer RV Park in Maple Valley, for about a month now.  I've taken care of my oncologist doctor appointment and next week will take care of the mammogram and bone density tests. 

August 5th is our 46 wedding anniversary! and the 13th of August, we'll be heading west to the ocean for a few weeks to a month.  Hopefully, I can get to see Jen and the boys from that direction and hopefully, maybe, it'll even be a little closer!

Not too exciting when we're not on the move.  I'll update when I have some photos to post.

Happy travels everyone!

kathy and chuck