Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009 1298 miles so far

When we got to Bullhead City, AZ, we've gone 1298 miles so far and spent about $500 (39 cents a mile)on gas and $70 (17 nights) in camping fees ($4.11 a night). Not too bad!

Yesterday we walked around the different casinos and were completely mesmerized by all the flashing lights an bells dinging. We registered at one casino just to try our hand at the penny slots and get the discount on the buffet. We lost $5.00 and quit! Big spenders. We weren't sure what we were doing so decided it was a good idea to stop. Duh! Neither of us like the feeling we got while in there. Like a fish out of water.

We were going to go to Avi, we think an Indian casino on the Needles highway but there was an accident and they were turning everyone around. We'll go another time. They have a 99cent breakfast, of course, you have to register there, too. We heard they have the best buffet so we need to try that out before we leave.

We had dinner in and when we found out what time it really is here, we went to bed as it was later than we thought. Sometimes along the CA/AZ border you find they may not be using the time for the time zone they are really in.

This morning I've been doing laundry and cleaned out a few drawers in the bedroom. I need to organize the pantry big time! That'll be next. After we go for a ride and get some groceries.

It's very overcast today and very chilly; about 48 degrees, but no wind! woo hoo! We're going for a walk and I'll download some photos later.