Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This is a potty/coffee break right before the Siskyous.

First time we saw blue sky right before the Siskyous.

Pixie enjoying the sun. She likes to ride up front. Better than shot-gun!

UPDATE!! Found the GPS cable in the van we left back at home but it will be sent to us UPS soon. Found my camera in my box I took to Jen's for the time I spent there.

We left Ridgefield in somewhat of a fog......not us, the weather. It was chilly but we were too excited to notice. We were off!

First night we spent in Myrtle Creek, OR, Tri City RV Park. We stayed there in January on our way back home from AZ. Still a very nice park and has easy access and easy out. We walked own to the Country Inn bar and grill for a burger.

On our way out of town the next morning, we stopped for gas at the 7 Feathers Gas Station an got a really good cup of coffee. This was December 1, 2009. We were headed for Redding, CA but arrived too early so went on to Orland, CA for the night.

Thought I'd try showing you the RV park listing.

The park we stayed in Orland was the Old Orchard RV Park. Bad internet connectivity and had to use the satelite dish for TV but had a good nights sleep. Spent way too much time on the phone with Dell about this laptop. Now, after twice being sent back to Dell to be fixed, the first time the keyboard, the second time the harddrive, now the keyboard again AND the camera. They said they'll replace it but I still haven't gotten that verified nor the process going. I think Dell hung up on me but I will take it back to Best Buy and they'll send it in for me and work with me on where to send it when they get it back. I will never buy another Dell anything.

We had our coffee and were on the road this morning about 8:45. Here's Chuck getting things ready so we could leave.

More later; either tonight or tomorrow. The sun is shining and the temp is suppose to be in thef 60s in Bakersfield.