Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

I can't believe I haven't posted since New Years! I can't remember what we did on the 1st but we were still in Earp, CA at Emerald Cove RV park. I think we pretty much stuck around the RV and park. We went for a bike ride in the park in the evening to kind of to say good bye to the park. Here's a photo going down the road from one park to the next.

We left early on the 2nd, heading for Winterhaven, CA and also, really close to Felicity, CA. We pulled in to Pilot Knob RV Park around 12:30 I think and took a spot up close to the clubhouse. I like being close to the clubhouse since I spend so much time there. I took a day or two getting used to the park and to find out what fun things there are to do. This is the park where we're staying till the 16th:

I started a new puzzle in the library and have had lots of fun chatting with those that help with the puzzle. That's a great way to meet people.

The clubhouse has a whole corner for quilters. They make 600 quilts a year and donate them to charities and some are given to the poor people in Mexico. The lady right next door goes into Mexico with clothes and things for the families she sponsors. I asked to ride along next time. I don't know if she'll let me take pictures, but I will if it's allowed. It's called Carboard City and the people are very very poor, have large families and almost nothing to their name.

I've also played pokeno several times in the evening with the ladies and have helped in the quilting corner. I like to cut the fabric into squares and I iron some fabric now and then for them. I'm not into sewing.

I did get out my machine one day while Chuck was at the dentist and did some mending. That was actually kind of fun.

Yup, Chuck went into Algodones Mexico to get some dental work done. He went in on Monday the 4th to have an exam and was in the chair for around 3 hours. In that short a time, they ground down and got 7 teeth ready for crowns. All in one day!!! He went back Tuesday by himself. I didn't want to sit and wait so I spent the day sewing and cleaning. Believe me, that was way more fun! His first day, on Monday, I did spend some time shopping by myself in Algodones so didn't need to do more. Wednesday we both went back so he could get his his crowns and a bridge put in place. That only took a little bit of time. So we went for lunch. That's a 5 tooth bridge and 4 crowns in three days!! The work is beautiful.

Wednesday was Chuck's birthday, too, so he was ready to celebrate with a bloody beer or a margarita after leaving the dentist and believe me he deserved it after what he went through. He couldn't eat for 1/2 hour so we found our favorite restaurant. Open-air ~The Parieso. Think that's how it's spelled. It's such great fun, great food and you always meet so many new people. Here's a few photos of the table of men that invited us to join them and we spent the afternoon with. He had a great birthday.

Our first day out geocaching in this area found us a flat tire. The roads are pretty much dirt/gravel; hey this is a desert here. Chuck was not happy with me since it was all my idea. HE wanted to go shopping. So because it was Sunday we couldn't go back to the place we originally bought the tires, Discount Tires, as they're closed on Sunday, we had to go to WalMart. New tires now so we can do more geocaching. We have found 8 different ones so far.

Today, the 8th we went out geocaching again and found a few more. Here's some photos:

Today, the 8th, while out we visit a museum, The Center of the World museum. Seems Felicity was dedicated as THE authentic center of the world and they erected a pyramid around it. Wish I would have gotten a picture of the pyramid. Maybe we'll go back. The web site shows many of the pieces or artwork sandblasted into the granite. Close-ups! Beautiful stuff.

Michael Angelo painting in granite! Georgeous!

This is me and it's facing away from the church and towards the granite monuments.

After we left the museum is when we did some geocaching. One was called "Jack and Jill" so we figured there would be some hill climbing. Yup! Clear up the side of a rock mountain! BUT we made it. Chuck got to the top first and found the cache. I didn't know I could do that. Seemed straight up on the rocks....seemed like it. Here's a picture of the so called hill we climbed. There was quite a walk from the car to the hill and then the climb and then back to the car. We forgot water! Reminded me of the cartoon where you see the guy crawling on his stomach saying "wateeerrrr!"

This is tired Frank........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz or is it purrrrrrrrrrr?