Monday, January 25, 2010

This is what it looks like out in the desert near Quartzite. This doesn't even look as bad or as packed as it really is. This is looking across the street as we were leaving.

We heard the weather was turning really bad so after about 3 nights out in the desert, we left for Apache Junction. AJ was pretty nice, actually. The weather the first few nights was really awful......something like 3" of rain in one day! There was lots of flooded streets as they really don't have storm drains. Their storm drains are actually called "washes" which become little rivers when it rains like that. We did wind up having some beautiful weather once those storms blew threw.

We left Quartzite just in time. That night of the worst storm, it hit even harder and worse than in AJ. There was even a tornado touch down in Blythe, remember just about 30 miles away.

I walked a few times in AJ. It was flat flat flat and the blocks so square you couldn't get lost. Nice easy walking and I walked over 2 miles each time. We visited the VFW one evening. We went to see Avatar while there, too. Fabulous movie but it would have been better if we could have sat even farther away then the back row. We went out to eat a few times and had breakfast in the clubhouse one morning.

While in Quartzite, we went to a huge huge RV show! Most of Quartzite is swap meet tents/vendors and not much else. A few restaurants here and there but not many grocery stores and the closest WalMart was in Blythe or Parker, both more than 30 miles away. Parker being a little bit closer.

Here, if you click on the map to make it bigger, you'll see where Hauchuka, AZ is. That's where we are right now and will be for three nights. Then, shown on the map, we'll be heading to Benson, AZ.

From Quartzite, we went to Apache Junction, shown on the map. We just pulled in about 1:30 today. The weather is gorgeous here today. There's so much to do around here and so much history. We'll have 3 fun filled days for sure.