Saturday, December 25, 2010

December 25, 2010 Saturday Christmas Day

 December 21st we were in Daggett, CA at the Desert Springs RV Park We had supper in the little bar and grill that is on the park grounds.  Fun little place with really good burgers.  Cost for the night was $27.00.  Nice clean park. 

When we left Daggett on the 22nd it was raining.  It had rained all night and we heard there were mudslides and flooding in California and in AZ where we were heading.  We also heard they were expecting hail to come through Daggett so we left earlier than expected to stay ahead of the bad weather.

Road to Earp, CA This is probably the worst of the flooding we saw.

their drain system, called a wash.  You can see there's no flooding here either

 We fueled up in Daggett, CA $270 and had driven 1169 miles from home.
This first video is driving into Parker, AZ
This video is driving into the Emerald Cove RV Park.

We arrived Emerald Cove RV Park right on schedule.  $165 for 14 nights.  Can you imagine what a hotel would cost?  We spent the day setting up, relaxed, enjoyed the warm weather and went to bed late.  They go by AZ time here and we were still on WA time. 

The 23rd, we were up as usual; the day was bright and sunny.  Went to a   b o r i n g   line dancing class but what do you expect after Zumba?  Met a couple ladies interested in Zumba-ing with me on Monday.  We'll see if they show up.  I think I'll go to a Zumba class in Lake Havasu City in the evening on Monday.

Anyway, Chuck washed the car and RV while I was gone.

24th - We took a ride to Quartzsite, AZ to figure out where we'll boondock (that's camping with no services) in January.  We're meeting some Billings friends there around the middle of January.  We found an RV parts store open and bought a couple items he needed. It was a beautifully sunny day for a ride and about 69 degrees.

Called and talked to Pat, Chris, Penny and Brian to wish them all a Merry Christmas.

25th  Merry Christmas!!

Another beautiful sunny warm day!  We drove back to Lake Havasu City (about 35 miles) to see the movie True Grit.  A very interesting version of the old movie.  We both liked it and ate too much popcorn.  We love movies and have been watching a few more here at home today.

Highway 95 south going through Lk Havasu City

Parker Dam near our RV park

looking through fencing on top of Parker Dam
 Got to talk to my favorite son!!  Jen is in Canada skiing so can't call her.  I really enjoyed talking to family Christmas eve and our son, Jack, today.

Tomorrow I will probably have to catch up on some laundry.  We always start our Sunday with coffee and the Sunday paper.

Happy Holidays to everyone!