Tuesday, January 11, 2011

December 26, 2010

Colorado River
I tried to update the blog about a week ago but it wasn't working properly so I got really behind.

We spent a day on the Colorado River in our little portabote.  That was fun and as you can see the water was calm, it wasn't sunny but it wasn't cold either.

Emerald Cove RV Park 

Emerald Cove is where we were staying.  And this picture is of one of the river channels.

We found the VFW in Parker and spent some time there the Tuesday before New Years.  Then we went back New Years Eve to hear the karaoke and music but it was all over by 8pm so we went back to our park and listened to the karaoke there till about 10pm.  Just couldn't make it till midnight!  On Sunday they had what they call a meat draw where you buy chances to win meat.  Every half hour you buy tickets for the next draw and they did it about 6 times.  We won a free lunch, two free drinks, a free breakfast, 2 whole chickens, a bottle of sparkling champagne and ham hocks and beans for soup!  It was an awful lot of fun.

While at this park, we went to the show Christmas day to see True Grit and went one other time to see The Little Fockers.  We spent that one day on the river, lots of relaxing time watching TV, reading and I did some beading.

We left the park on January 5th and headed to Bullhead City, AZ which is where we are today, the 11th of January.
New Years Eve at the VFW in Parker, AZ

January 11, 2010 Tuesday

It's been pretty windy in Bullhead City but it always is. We did have two beautiful days with no wind and lots of sun. Warm weather, in the 70s, is supposed to be coming.

I teach a Zumba class on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings but have been down with a cold so didn't make it today, the 11th. I should be able to get back to teaching on Thursday.

Some good friends from Billings arrived on Monday. They are just starting out learning how to travel this way in their 28' 5th wheel. We went out to dinner at the China Buffet and got caught up on all the Billings gossip. Today they went off to WalMart and check out a car museum while we went to the post office to get our mail. It's been so awesome to see Diane. We've been friends for 40 years!

It's sad but tomorrow our friends leave for Quartzsite, AZ. We'll be heading down there in a few days and are supposed to meet up with them again for the Big Tent show, which is an RV show.

Jack Ass Flats golf course at the RV park

Emerald Cove RV Park, Earp, CA

Emerald Cove RV Park Earp, CA

More next time.................Tomorrow we're going to check out Hoover Dam and Friday we want to drive up to Las Vegas for the day.