Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 30 2011 Sunday

Excuse my typing..........I have no comma on this keyboard anymore.

The last time I posted was about January 15th and here it is the 30th.  I said I wasn't going to wait so long but then our travels really haven't been all that interesting anyway.

Don't remember what was posted last or where we were or what we did but to refresh your memory.......I played lots of cards in Bullhead City AZ at the Parkview RV Park and taught a few Zumba classes.  We ate at a few too many buffets and got buffeted out!  You saw our day in Oatman with the little donkeys and our day at Hoover Dam.

January 19th we left Bullhead City (a total of 1604 miles from home) and drove 50 miles to Parker and back to Emerald Cove RV park.  We only spent about 6 nights there.  That's where we were at Christmas and New Years and where we were when we visited Hoover Dam.  Our next stop was in Quartzsite AZ dry camping in the desert.

Colorado River Emerald Cove RV Park.

closeup of a wall in the Oatman Hotel restaurant

Oatman Hotel restaurant where we had lunch
We pulled into our favorite BLM desert camping  area called Plamosa about 2pm and found the perfect spot!  We met  our neighbors....Richard and Karen from WI......We went to the Grubsteak where Phyllis and Stan told us to go when we were visiting with them in Parker AZ......we met them 3 years ago at an RV show in Tacoma and finally met up with them on the road this year.  The second night we went back to the Grubsteak with Richard and Karen.  That night we had a campfire under a beautiful star filled sky.  The next night we had another campfire with Richard and Karen and their neighbor Chuck and Terry from CA.  The weather was great the whole time we were there.  70s for sure every day and sunny warm.  Think yesterday was supposed to be 80.  (1642 miles driven so far)  We went to the Big Tent RV show looking for rugs but didn't find anything we liked.

Quartzsite BLM land...pick up truck is our friends Richard and Karen

Across the road in the BLM land area
January 29th
 We decided to leave Q and head to Tucson to pick up some lounge chairs we bought  from a man selling them on an Alfa yahoo group.  Couldn't go wrong paying just $50 each.  The plan was to head to Tucson...pick up the chairs....spend the night and the next day head to Yuma.   mileage when we left....23396 at 7:20 am.  It was a long trip so we left early.  While on the road...Richard called to tell us he found a set of our keys!!!  Ok...change of plans.  We got the chairs...which are wonderful BTW....and headed back to Q instead of spending the night in Tucson and went back to Quartzsite for our keys.  Only about 100 miles out of our way......2148 driven so far.

Tonight we're in the RV Peddler lot....not completely dry caming as we have water and sewer this time.  Early in the morning they are going to check our jacks for us and see what's wrong with the dash panel......there's nothing wrong with the jacks.  

February 1st we're scheduled to be in Yuma at Pilot Knob RV park and just a few miles from Algadones Mexico.

Will write more then.

Feb 12th the plan is to be in El Centro CA at the Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort in El Centro CA.  I am going to teach Zumba there through the end of March.