Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 9, 2011  Wednesday

We arrived at Pilot Knob RV park on the 1st as scheduled.  The weather has been wonderful while here so far with just a few windy days and only a couple chilly days.  Chilly here is 50 degrees.  We're lucky to not have the freezing temps our family and friends are experiencing in WA, MT and MN.

Since coming here, we've been to the casino about twice.  That's not like us at all but the plan was to meet some friends there on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the game so we went over early to get our players card.  Well, you aren't given $10 to play with without playing with it!  LOL  We did just that, lost it in about two hours and then went on home.

We wound up not meeting at the casino for the game but had our friends come over here.  The day was beautiful so we sat outside for awhile till the sun was shining on the TV screen and the game was at half-time.  What a game, huh?

We met with these friends on Monday in Algadones, Mexico for lunch.  We picked up a few more RXs and more alcohol and had another wonderful day in Mexico.  We picked up a couple tshirts for Ethan, some cigs for Jack and a little bracelet for Ethan's sister.

I've been beading bracelets when I can and enjoying learning new stitches and techniques.  I went to a beading class in the clubhouse both Weds we've been here.  I haven't been to the clubhouse for any card games because I'm too busy beading or practicing Zumba.

We'll be loading up and getting ready to leave tomorrow.  We leave on Friday morning for El Centro, CA and Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort where we'll do some workamping.  I'll be teaching Zumba fitness and Chuck will put in 18 hours a week helping in the security department and/or maintenance.  We'll be there through the end of March.  We are really looking forward to all the benefits that come with our easy work.  Should be fun.

Will come back and update when more happens and maybe I'll have some photos then.  I keep forgetting to bring my camera when we go someplace.