Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Heading South in the AM

Gifts are bought, packages wrapped and mailed, tanks are full,  prescriptions filled, that's important you know, tires are checked, GPS loaded with necessary park  info, mail taken care of, bills paid, chassis checked, seeyas said and we're ready to roll!

We leave sometime in the morning tomorrow heading to Ridgefield, WA (Tri Mountain RV Park) to see Jen and I'll take in one of her new Zumba fitness classes tomorrow night.  We'll say our "seeyas" and be on the road again Friday morning heading to Portland. (RVPark of Portland)

Tigard, Or is our destination for a workshop on Saturday for me and then we'll leave Tigard Sunday morning.

We'll be going south on I5 and will be listening to the weather to make sure the Siskiyous are passable and if not, we'll cut over to the coast and take Hwy 101 south.

Pictures coming soon!