Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20, 2010

Tri Mountain RV Park, Ridgefield, WA
December 16, 2010
RV Park of Portland, December 17 and 18, 2010 Actually Tualatin, OR

December 18th, when we were in Tigard, OR, I attended a Zumba fitness workshop and am now officially an instructor.  Had the very best time ever but how could I not.  The energy in that room was amazing! 
Gina Grant, Zumba Instructor and one of the originals

December 19th we left the Tirgard/Tualatin, OR area and headed south on I 5, Sunday morning.  It was sunny but pretty cold by our standards.

At this point, we've driven 177 miles from Lake Sawyer RV Park in  Maple Valley, WA

We were pretty worried about the mountain pass on the OR CA border called the Siskiyous but they turned out to be warm, slushy and not so bad.  We wanted to get through there as we heard another front was coming through bringing lots of moisture.

We drove as far as we could after getting over the mountains but it turned out to be dark by the time we got to the RV park for the night.  Not the best park.
 This park might have been avoided if we had found it in the daylight.  Not our usual RV park choice but hey, it was dark and we were tired and it was raining.
looking out our side window
Looking out to the right from our windshield.  Can anyone say "Ma and Pa Kettle"?

It's actually run by some really nice men, very friendly and I think in the summertime, it would be a great place to go fishing and sightseeing. But a good lesson on how not to choose an RV park in the dark. 

We left this morning heading to Gustine, CA and had to stop for fuel and coffee.  Fuel was $274.00 but we drove 389 miles since leaving Lk Sawyer, Maple Valley, WA

We love these truckstops!  They have everything!  Even showers!  They really cater to the trucker nicely and the coffee is super strong and wonderful!

TA (Travel America) Truckstop, Redding, CA

We will be getting to our next stop we hope before dark but this next park has a website, be a little leery if they don't.  Last night the Trail In had no web site.   The website looks super nice and clean.