Saturday, February 13, 2016

Travel Travel Travel

Well, it's been awhile but I've kept most people up-to-date on facebook.

We are again in Maple Valley, Wa at Lake Sawyer RV Park.  Sorry to say, it's not any better and maybe a bit worse.  They can't help the rain but it is a muddy mess.

We'll be here for another couple months till Chuck has his back surgery; a cyst removal on his spine.  Pray that the surgeon has steady hands!!

We were supposed to be workamping in Arizona City, AZ this winter but because of Chuck's back, a new great grandson coming, my doctor appointments, etc. we thought it best to get up to the NW till spring.

I've been going to the local fitness club taking in the Silver Sneakers classes; exercises with bands and weights and the yoga class.  Having a great time and it gets me out of the house/RV.

I'm still working on my crafts and hobbies, my art and my reading.  Think I've read 28 books in the last year.

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Will be posting some RV park reviews.