Monday, June 1, 2015

Hope you don't mind the park reviews I stick in between posting about our travels.  There are some people that need to know that stuff.

We went out to dinner with Karin and Jack the last night in Rio Bend.  We went to Applebees! And because we were leaving so early in the morning, we said our goodbyes then.

Hope I don't repeat.  May 30th, we left Rio Bend.  The temp was 66 degrees at 6:05AM and a beautiful warm sunny morning.  By 9am the temp was 89 degrees.  That's the reason we left so early in the morning; we were trying to beat the heat.  We have/had no idea how the motor home would do in that heat (going over 100 degrees in the desert) and climbing the mountains.

Our first night was in Parker, AZ and we stayed at a park for ONLY $27.43 for the night!  That's a great price.  We also got there really early in the day, still morning, because we only drove about 150 miles.  We DID beat the heat.

The second day, May 31st, we left early again and it was already 78 degrees.  By early I mean about 7am.  We went through Lake Havasu City, the road was very good and the scenery was beautiful. 

We stopped for fuel in Havasu ($192 at $2.93 a gallon).  7:45 AM 88 degrees!

We hit junction I40E and 95 north of Havasu.  The road was pretty good and pretty much straight.  Then all of a sudden the road turned to crap.  I was trying to catch a nap on the bed, which is bumpy anyway, and it was really bad.  A person could have gotten sick quickly.  We were climbing and bouncing.  6900 feet and the temp was 89 degrees at 10:15 AM.  The road was rough all the way off and on.

During the day, I tried to nap and got in some reading.  That's why I needed a nap as reading always puts me to sleep except at night when I need to sleep.  

We only drove 248 miles yesterday.

June 1, 2015

We stayed in Flagstaff, AZ last night at Black Barts RV park.  $33 for the night with full hook-ups.  Cozy and quiet.  They have a steakhouse there but we stayed home and enjoyed watching TV and resting.  Traveling can tire you out.  Especially Chuck.  He drove 319 miles today.

We left Black Barts about 5:55am this morning.  We were supposed to be able to sleep in but Chuck found out the temps were going to be too high to not leave early again.  At 5:55am the temp was 50 degrees.  It did only get to about 89 today so maybe we could have slept in this morning.  For sure I want to tomorrow morning.

We'll be heading to a little city between Salt Lake City and Ogden UT called Clinton tomorrow where we'll get some maintenance work done on the motor home and will be there for a couple nights.  Not sure how little it is, though.  

Tonight we are in Marysvale, UT.

Happy trails,

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