Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lake Sawyer RV Park Black Diamond, WA

Here all the time I was saying Lake Sawyer RV Park is in Maple Valley.  It's not!  It's in Black Diamond, WA.  Oh well, we're still here.

Chuck's recuperating super well.  In fact, it's been 6 weeks since his hip replacement and he's now just using a cane.  He is trying to strengthen that hip and butt muscle so he can depend less and less on that cane.  He drove us down to see the kids, Jen and her boys, yesterday.  Conner graduated from high school and we weren't able to attend the ceremony so we promised him we'd come down and spend the day with him.  We took him to lunch at Olive Garden.  He seemed to enjoy it even though that boy doesn't eat much.

We walked around the mall awhile, stopped to see his mom, Jen, at the Island Cafe where she works and had something to drink.  We took him on home and when Jen got off work we got to see her for a bit at home.  We were back on the road about 5pm.

The boys, now 21 and 18, are so fun to chat with and see what they're interested in now.  We had a great day.  Which is good because the 30th of this month, we feel we'll be heading east.  Feel because those darn storms, tornadoes and flooding are kind of not exactly what we want to purposely head into.

We'll leave here the 30th, stay in eastern WA some place, probably Spokane, and head on to Red Lodge, MT for a few days and visit with friends there.  Then on through SD and stop for buffalo burgers at Al's Oasis and in Wall, SD where we get a free dozen of their donuts!  Last time through, we were shorted one donut so I just sent an email and the nice manager there gave us a certificate for a free dozen.  So it does help to complain.

Then we'll be in Westbrook, Plymouth, and Windom, MN for a month or more.  We'll see.  That's so far in advance we just don't really know the exact dates.  Then we're on to Indiana for a week or so and travel diagonally down through Indianapolis, St. Louis, Tulsa, Albuquerque, NM and on to El Centro, CA.  Where we'll be workamping again this winter.  Me teaching Zumba and he'll be working in the maintenance department.  Hey, free rent and a chance to build up some funds for next summer.

So there you have it.
We went over to the storage unit today.

Chuck, Jen and Conner

More later.............