Thursday, May 15, 2014

Still In Maple Valley

Yup, we're still in Washington state in Maple Valley, WA at the Lake Sawyer RV Park on beautiful Lake Sawyer.  WHy?  For one reason, we're waiting for the weather to cool down south and for another, we came to see our kids and spend time with them and the grandkids.  Another important reason is because Chuck had a hip replaced last Tuesday, well, May 6th, so we're recuperating here.

He is doing just awesome!  He was up walking the day after surgery, had some physical therapy the 3rd day and was home in a week.  He spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday at Terrace Gardens facility where they could take care of his needs and teach him a few things before he came home. 

He took a few naps today and spent 1/2 hour outside.  It was a beautiful day; not too hot and not too cold.

A nurse visited yesterday and she'll be back tomorrow with a PT.  He's looking forward to that to learn more about how well or how bad he's doing.  I know he's doing very well.  He made his own breakfast of eggs and bacon the first morning home and gets to the bathroom on his own AND even took a "sort-of" shower this morning.

He'll see his doctor on Monday, we'll be going through PT for awhile and hopefully will be back on the road the end of July.

Our plans this year are to head east again through Montana, and spend some time in Minnesota with family.  Then head south when So Cal weather cools.  We will be returning to Rio Bend RV Park to work; me teaching Zumba and helping with fun activities and Chuck will remain in the maintenance department.  We love it there and the El Centro, CA area.

More later.  Maybe I'll get some pics taken post.