Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RV Travel Fun Update for family and friends

Thought I'd answer your question:  aren't you going south this winter?  Sorry to say the answer for now anyway, is no.  Chuck has taken a part time job which suddenly turned into a full time job when another sales person quit.  He committed to a full year but keeps saying he can quit any time he wants.  He seems to be enjoying being needed and getting back into the HVAC world.  The income isn't bad either.

Jack has a full time job himself finally.  He'll start his new job on Monday, the 27th, as a Trailer Mechanic for a company in Renton.  He's very excited about that.

I don't do too much to keep busy.  Having trouble with the transition of being a retired wife with a retired husband to a retired wife all by herself but I've never had trouble before so it shouldn't be long and I'll be finding fun things to do again.  Right now, with Christmas coming, I'm working on what to make for who.  Anyone want to go to lunch?