Thursday, April 8, 2010

Traveling along and almost home!

  I know I haven't done well with keeping you posted on our travels.  It's supposed to be a fun thing to do and it really became a drag so I quit! 
We are now going down I90 heading towards Wyoming for tonight.  If we make it that far, ok, if not, that's ok, too.  I must get a donut at Wall Drug (those carbs I don't mind consuming) and we would love to have a buffalo burger at Al's Oasis.  We'll see what happens.  If you've never had either of these, you must the next time you travel through SD.

To all that followed along, I say thank you so much.  I don't remember the last time I posted but it was probably sometime while we were in Texas.

Texas is a wonderful state and so much to see and do, we'll have to go back next year.  We saw a neat parade in Fulton, TX and attended an oyster festival.  We saw South Padre Island and the islands farther north.  We spent a day in the sun at the beach, spent time wondering through museums and even got back into Mexico, even though we found out we shouldn't have gone the day we did.

Our travels north were uneventful through TX, OK and KS and IA.  We had a glorious time in Mpls staying at the Mystic Lake Casino RV park.  We ate too much and did a lot of running around to see family but it was all worth it and the time went much too fast.  We spent a week in Chuck's home town of Westbrook, MN and again, had a wonderfully fun filled time with friends and family.

Today is our travel day as I mentioned and we should get to Billings, MT tomorrow sometime.  We have friends to visit there and will leave about Sunday heading to Red Lodge, MT to visit another friend. 

We hope the mountain passes are passable!  We keep an eye on the weather and highway cams.  It'll be good to be home but yet, it's just another stop along our way.  We'll be on the road a few times during the summer to see more of our own state of WA.

I'll keep posting and might even find it fun again to post a few photos.  Boy, you get lazy when you get older but maybe it's not laziness.  Maybe it's just knowing that you aren't obligated can do what you want when you want!  LOL

Check back in a few days...........

Kathy and Chuck