Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8, 2009

Beautiful Sunday! NOT! It's cloudy and raining again or should I say yet. We've had nonstop rain for days now. We have 18 DTG (that's days to go) till we leave and we are getting more excited everyday.

The slide motor crapped out again so we invested in a center mount motor and it works great. We had the old motor fixed for a backup for the bedroom slide. Alfa is known to not have the best slide motors. We're working on repairing the canopy over the slide......actuallly it's all fixed but we need help putting it back up and my weany arms just aren't strong enough to do that. HELP!! We bought tire monitors to make sure we stay on top of their air pressure and think that's about it for now. We're looking at a coffee table sold by Camping World but we're not sure about that yet till we can see it. We'll be investing in some tire covers for sitting in the hot sun! Can't wait for that.

Many of our friends have already headed south and I love hearing from them. We hope to meet up with each and every one of them soon.

I'm packing up more for storage and making room for what we'll need for the next few months in warmer weather and that means more room for my knitting machine, sewing machine and yarn supplies. I have to find a laundramat for washing the quilts.

More later..................