Saturday, August 8, 2009

August 8, 2009 Lake Sawyer RV Park, Black Diamond, WA

We've been in the Lake Sawyer RV Park for one full week. We've found it to be a nice quiet little park with a gorgeous lake and a beautiful setting all around. Between Maple Valley and Black Diamond and Black Diamond and Auburn........beautiful wooded areas. There's also plenty of shopping and restaurants close by. Couldn't ask for any more.

Here's a photo of my husband digging into dessert. We just had a wonderful crockpot roast beef dinner with french green beans and wild rice. Dessert is German Chocolate cake. You can see how hard it is to keep a motorhome neat and tidy but we love our new little home.

Pixie, sorry about the eyes, wasn't going to take a nap until she knew for sure she'd get no roast beef. There's always a chance!

What do you think Frank is doing? Doesn't he look a little guilty? Hmmmmmm maybe hoping for someone to drop a bit of roast beef his way.

I'll try to post more photos from now on. I know photos are more interesting than reading a bunch of boring stuff.