Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lake Sawyer RV Park, Maple Valley, WA

Home again at Lake Sawyer RV Park in Maple Valley, WA.  Home again home again jiggity jog!  Something like that, LOL

We arrived Monday after a wonderful weekend with Jen and the boys.  We talked and laughed here at the motor home at the Tri Mountain RV Park in Ridgefield, WA, so close to where she lives in Vancouver, WA and then we went over to her place on Saturday.  We spent the day with Jen, Tyler, Ashleigh and Conner.  So much fun.  We went to the Vancouver Saturday Market, had yummy corn dogs and kettle korn.

Then we went to her place where Tyler smoked us the most amazing pork roast for sandwiches!  I had no idea he was such a good cook.  He loves to cook and we loved it, too.  How yummy we had it all day.  That evening we had a few margaritas and more laughing and fun.

Sunday we met Jen and a friend Danny, his Mom, Peggy and his step-dad Ray, at Jollies for the live country band.  Oh, my what another great time we had.  The time was way too short.  We danced and had a wonderful evening and weekend.  Thank you so much Jen!

Wish I had thought to take some pics.

As I said, we arrived here on Monday and got all set up, relaxed and boy, it felt weird.  We are home, but it doesn't feel like it.  We really miss Rio Bend RV Park, I think.  We were there for so long.

Today, Tuesday, I made another loaf of gluten free bread, or am trying anyway; it's a tricky thing to do.  He got the car washed, I got some clothes washed.  We'll just relax and watch some TV.  I'll maybe get to a Zumba class tomorrow night.  I should feel like it by then.

More later and maybe I"ll get some pictures taken.  Hey, guess what?  It's   r a i n i n g  !!   Surprise surprise!!