Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2, 2009

The house is pretty much staged and ready except for the final cleaning. Carpets are being cleaned; yesterday and today. It's going to be a hot day so the carpets should dry relatively fast. We should be able to list the house for rent any day now. We're not sure the holiday, 4th of July, will interfere or not. To list or not to list, that's the question right now.

It's been real interesting when it comes to cooking and/or just plain eating around here. Everything you want is in the motorhome so maybe some things have been packed too soon.

I'll have to start calling our insurance company and the utilities along with Comcast and the newspaper. We'll need to get a PMB real soon also. They have an excellent mail forwarding service at the same place as our storage unit.

The storage unit is almost filled. We're thinking in about a year or so we can start thinning that down and getting rid of more things as we find out that we really didn't need all that we saved. Eventually, getting that unit down to a smaller one and a cheaper one. I am starting to decide how to pay bills on the road and am opening accounts online so I can drop the paper statements.

Our expenses for this shift of lifestyle hasn't been much. We did change the oil in the motorhome to the tune of around $120, he did the work himself, $275 for a new fender, we'll need a couple flat under-the-bed plastic boxes, I would like to get some space bags and that's really about it for now.

When we leave the house for good, we'll be heading to Lake Sawyer Resort in Covington, WA. Our old stomping grounds.