Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21, Happy Father's Day ~ Update for My Followers

Happy Father's Day to all Fathers! What a wonderful day! The weather is great here and just how we like it. Cool, overcast and yet bright.

Have you ever seen such a mess?! Well, if you've ever done any moving, I'm sure you have. This is the way our garage looks today, June 21st, 2009. I won't take photos of the way the house looks. It's about as bad. I think it's time to get that storage unit and get the garage cleaned out, don't you think? It was supposed to happen this weekend but it might not happen till during the week sometime.

Today I need to continue to pack up the kitchen and the bathrooms. Everything else is pretty much done. Always need to go through clothes one more time. If anyone has any suggestions, please, I'll all ears!

My husband is getting the motorhome ready; changing the oil, making sure the slideouts are working properly and whatever guys do. I'm starting to load up and am trying to use up most of the canned goods as I believe they are much too heavy especially when you can use frozen veggies and we would rather have fresh fruits. I'm working on that now.

We have started to stage the house but you couldn't tell it with all the boxes and misplaced items. We're getting there and I'll come back and post photos again in a day or so.

Happy Father's Day!!